Sapphires are a vibrantly colored family of gemstones that have captured the imaginations of humans for thousands of years. While today we may primarily use them for their decorative delights, and we love sapphire rings! there are many different meanings that have been ascribed to them.

To unpick the symbolic importance and apparent potency of sapphires, here is an exploration of the assets and attributes they are thought to possess and the qualities they represent.

Ancient interpretations

Sapphires were revered from the earliest days of human civilization. It is known that the people of ancient Persia believed that the sky itself was given its blue color because of reflections created by these stones.

The most commonly associated blue hue for which sapphires are known has been similarly associated with the heavens by plenty of other peoples over the centuries. Sapphires have thus attained revered and even holy status in religions, including Catholicism, with acolytes wearing this gem to denote the strength of their faith.

Elsewhere, in ancient Greek society, sapphires were associated with wisdom and knowledge. It was traditional to sport a piece of sapphire jewelry when consulting the oracle at Delphi.

Impactful qualities

The collective lore surrounding sapphires has resulted in a number of different ideas being developed about what they can do for those who wear them. Pop on a pair of sapphire earring studs from, and you could become impervious to various forms of illness and fatigue, up to and including poison, or at least this is what some believed in a time before modern medical practices were widespread.

Another of the traits that sapphire allegedly helps to foster is that of overall astuteness. You should be able to spot a dishonest person from a mile off and get to the truth of a situation with greater ease if you have a sapphire on your side.

Contemporary connotations

The way we think about and use sapphires has obviously evolved over time, and today this gem has taken on a more spiritual meaning; a focal point for meditation and mindfulness, a totem of faith, and an aide memoir for anyone who wants to stay in touch with more than one plane of existence.

Part of this comes down to the fact that we understand a lot more about the chemistry of minerals, so we know that while sapphires are traditionally thought of as being blue, they can actually come in a wide number of hues, with rubies also falling into this family.

Each color has its own attached symbolism and meaning. For example, green sapphires are associated with fidelity and empathy, while white sapphires are all about fostering inner strength. Meanwhile, yellow sapphires are linked with prosperity, and violet sapphires are a center for inner peace.

You can place your own meaning on gemstones as well, so even if you simply enjoy them from an aesthetic perspective, it is nice to know that so much thought has gone into interpreting them throughout history.