The Riva 100′ Corsaro Yacht, the latest addition to the Ferretti Group fleet, is a jaw-dropping beauty. Displayed for a series of photoshoots in none other than the Golfo Dei Poeti, a place of enchanting splendor, is sure to become a favorite of those who love the sea.

The Riva 100′ Corsaro is born from the collaboration between Officina Italiana Design – the studio founded by designer Mauro Micheli alongside Sergio Beretta – an exclusive designer for the entire Riva fleet, the Strategic Product Committee, and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. It is the natural heir to previous legendary models as well as the perfect combination of comfort, performance, style, and safety.

RIVA 100 Corsaro Yacht

Its majestic dimensions are arranged harmoniously with the athleticism of the design, 100′ Corsaro is characterized by a sharp profile, which evokes the shape of an arrow with metallic colors in dark tones and large glass surfaces.

Its first time on display in Hong Kong will be the ideal occasion to celebrate the genuinely limitless success of an icon of sporty style and luxury, proven by the fact that the entire 2017 production is already sold out to a few selective ship owners.