Baglietto, known for its expertise in constructing new planing aluminum and steel & aluminum displacement mega-yachts, reaffirms its commitment to nurturing young talent and attracting new creative minds. Recently, the prestigious IED institute specializing in design launched an exciting thesis project in collaboration with Baglietto. Under the guidance of Eng. Guido Penco, Baglietto’s Technical Development Director, and esteemed professionals Prof. Luca Sordelli and Marco Mastroeni, the future designers are tasked with reimagining a Fast aluminum yacht.

The challenge lies in blending the timeless design elements from Baglietto’s iconic planning yachts signed by eminent designers like Cichero and Paszkowski with a contemporary touch and an eye toward current market demands. The focus is on creating spacious outdoor areas that seamlessly connect with the surroundings and the sea, especially at the stern, while also considering sustainability aspects.

Baglietto Rush 2022
Baglietto Rush 2022. Photos courtesy of the brand

To celebrate their hard work and creativity, the thesis project will culminate in a discussion at the end of the course. Raffaella Daino, Baglietto’s Head of Communication, expresses delight in collaborating with IED, a renowned institute, and emphasizes the ample opportunity for students to showcase their innovative ideas in both design and execution.

This strategic partnership between Baglietto and IED Turin stems from a shared vision of supporting academic excellence and providing budding designers with practical experiences in naval design. Students enrolled in the three-year Transportation Design course will have the privilege of partnering with industry professionals, indulging their creativity and expertise.

With production sites in La Spezia and Carrara, Baglietto’s facilities cover an impressive area of approximately 35,000 sq. m. The boatbuilder’s portfolio ranges from 35 to 65-meter mega-yachts, crafted with precision and passion.

This collaboration embodies the perfect synergy between academia and industry, allowing the students to connect with the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship while shaping the future of yacht design.