While most designers enthused their collections with the aesthetics of the previous areas, it’s safe to say that the spring-summer couture collections are anything but predictable. As seen on the major catwalks of the world, 2020’s hot season is a time of reinvention – and that goes for anything, from the jewels to the polka dots. Let’s take a look at some of the couture highlights for spring and summer, loaded with luster, glitz, creativity, and innovation.

Model walks the runway during the Dior-Haute Couture Spring 2020
A model walks the runway during the Dior-Haute Couture Spring 2020

1. Shimmer Power

More than anything, the summer season of 2020 seems to be an ode to shine and shimmer. Glimmer has been taken to a new level with collections like Dior’s “What if Women Ruled the World?”. Ancient Greece-inspired creations with a mythical vibe, royalty elements, and fringe galore were all the standouts that got the crowds talking. The way to wear the shimmery gowns from Dior: with royal jewels, like mismatched or solitary pearl earrings or statement pearl chokers in gold.

Cindy Bruna walks the runway during the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion event
Cindy Bruna walks the runway during the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion event

2. Reinvented Camouflage

Camo print has been hanging on the fashion scene for years – but none showed it the love it received from Jean Paul Gaultier. The designer’s final couture show featured a reinvented camouflage look in a more geometric print, paired up with an XXL belt and matching gloves in forest green leather. This year, camo prints are not reserved for hoodies and cargo pants – they have an upscale look, one that requires your most elegant pumps rather than sneakers or slippers.

Elie Saab's collection
Elie Saab’s collection

3. Statement Sleeves

The arms got extra love on the runways for the summer season – which might be a rarity since the hot season usually means less coverage. Not only were gloves one of the most highlighted accessories, but long statement sleeves seem to have made a comeback. Think lots of volume and poufiness. Powerful, impactful sleeves were prominently featured in Elie Saab’s collection – paired up with ultra-low V necklines and lots of embroideries for a touch of dazzle.

Carolina Herrera show, Runway, Spring Summer 2020, New York Fashion Week, USA
Carolina Herrera show, Runway, Spring Summer 2020, New York Fashion Week, USA. Credit: Photo by WWD/Shutterstock.

4. Elevated Polka Dots

Raiding your grandma’s closet won’t cut it when aiming to hop on this next trend. Retro-gone modern goes a long way for the new, elevated polka dots. They were everywhere this fashion season – but our faves were the statement dots on tulle from the Carolina Herrera show for the spring & summer 2020 season. Not perfectly matched in size – and often not even perfectly round, the new dots are taking over the runways, and they are here to stay. Incorporate a sundress featuring the new funky dots for a look that combines retro chicness with modern appeal.

Iris Van Herpen's SS 2020 fashion collection
Iris Van Herpen’s SS 2020 fashion collection. 

5. Sculptural Ruffles

Flouncy ruffles that move with the wind seem to be a thing of the past. This year brings with the broadest range of sculptural, rigid ruffles – often similar to scales and almost always full of volume. Case in point: Iris van Herpen’s spring & summer collection is the perfect merge between architecture and fashion. Get your inspo on and opt for structure rather than loose fits this summer with either a few statement ruffles or a statement armor, why not, both.

Schiaparelli's Haute Couture SS 2020 collection at Paris Fashion Week
Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture SS 2020 collection at Paris Fashion Week.

6. Dazzling Embellishments

Schiaparelli’s haute couture spring-summer 2020 collection at Paris Fashion Week was nothing less than brilliant. And when we say brilliant, we also mean it literally. Shimmer and dazzle took the stage once again – this time, under the form of embellishments. Think gold, think opulence, and think luster – all in one, and the more, the better. Designers have reached the verdict: 2020 is the summer of shine from every angle. Often accompanying neutrals, the glitz, and the glam do not compromise. They elevate, they shine, they move in every light, and they transform.

Model walks the runway during the Viktor Rolf Haute Couture
A model walks the runway during the Viktor Rolf Haute Couture.

7. Prairie Aesthetics

French prairie meets granola style seems to have been Viktor & Rolf’s main inspiration before launching their collection for the hot season of 2020. The collection had a strong Lolita-goes-rural vibe, accompanied by unique color choices and an abundance of ethnic floral prints, all paired up with a vintage feel reminiscent of simpler times. These are not your regular hippie vibes – they are enthused with an aura of whimsy, in true innocent prairie fashion.

From reinvented prints to new ways to interpret past aesthetics, the 2020 summer season is looking promising – not only when it comes to the garments, but the accessories and the jewels as well.