Following the season’s colors, as they change through the year and making sure that your style is bang on trend, is a given (the sea is the inspiration for many this year inspired by the S19 fashion show of Chanel) – but one constant that remains a must-have is the smartphone case, sealing a trend that speaks volumes about the times we now live in.

The smartphone is the one piece of kit any self-discerning fashion-conscious person would not be seen without – take a moment to see which is closest to you right now – your purse or wallet, your house keys, or your phone? Most likely, you will say your phone as they have become the things we do not want to be parted from – indeed, if we mislay them, there is usually a moment or two of panic followed by a great sense of relief when it is found.

In fact, when you think about it, we have come to rely on our smartphones for far more than simply keeping in touch, and as technology advances, so do the apps and performance of our mobile devices.

We source and buy goods and services online, keep up to date with our social media sites – and a lot of us now play many different roulette online games, video slots games, poker, and other casino games using our phones, with mobile play now being the preferred choice of players who like to play their favorite games whenever and wherever they choose.

But it was back in 2017 that the Louis Vuitton spring/summer show first showcased their designer Eye-Trunk iPhone case reproducing the finishing and the intricate details found on an original Louis Vuitton trunk. As the first model began her walk down the catwalk, she held no designer handbag but instead held an iPhone case.

Today just like the Rolex watch or the Filofax, the phone has become a symbol of how important you are and how busy. Not only is this trend about fashion, but it’s also about the life of the person carrying the phone. This escalating importance of how our phone looks to others’ eyes besides ourselves tells us that our smartphone is as much a part of our visual world as our functional one – we want our phone to look good, and when they do, we are far happier.

‘Being on the phone’ most likely means that we are carrying our phone with us, and that means we are displaying our phone case to the world, which in turn can tell the world something about us. So, what does your phone case say about you?.