Turkey has so much to offer when it comes to exploration and adventure. It is a geographical and cultural melting pot in an absolute sense. It is part European, part Russian, and part Caucasian regarding cultural elements. Furthermore, geographically it offers rolling hills and mountains with the most dramatic sceneries. Then there are turquoise waters of the Mediterranean on the one side and an endless Anatolian plateau on the other. All-in-all, if you were to come to Turkey, you sure would have a blast of a fantastic holiday.

However, every great holiday turns out great because of excellent accommodation; do you not agree? Imagine that you tour around all day in the most fantastic way possible. You have to enjoy the salty sea and the water sports and whatnot. However, a lousy accommodation service can be off-putting by the end of the day. Alternatively, a reasonable accommodation service can be a cherry on top of all your fantastic adventures. Hence, your stay during your vacation in Turkey also matters a lot. Moreover, in today’s writings, we will discuss some of the best hotel services available.

Where To Stay During Your Vacation In Turkey?

Before we dwell on it further, we want you to highlight that coming to Turkey should be the first concern. It is because of flights for Turkeys to get, especially during the touring season. Hence, check your flight availability early on. For instance, if you fly via Pegasus Airlines, check the Pegasus online website for availability. This will provide you with a booking service as per your vacation plans.

Now without further ado, let us check out these fantastic hotel accommodation services in Turkey:

Asteria Kremlin Palace

Asteria Kremlin palace is uniquely modeled on two famous monuments and a pool sandwiched within these model hotels. On one end stands the replica of the Red Square from Moscow; on the other, there is a replica of St. Basil’s Cathedral. You will love the concept, and it is enjoyable to live here if you have children. Furthermore, this hotel also features a private beach where you can enjoy the sea and the coastal cuisine.  

Hotel Hal-Tur

Hotel Hal-Tur is located in Denizli, an inner Aegean city famous for its thermal pools. This hotel has leveraged this feature well and made five thermal pools. All these pools carry naturally warm water that gives a soothing spa experience and heals your body from within. However, the pool is not all that this hotel has to offer. The rooms and the minimalistic designs of the hotel give off a very homely vibe. In other words, you will not feel like you are away from your home. Furthermore, the hotel also has Turkish baths, where you can have the most authentic Turkish experience of hammams.

Avalon Hotel

If you want an extensive view of the Mediterranean coast from a highland, get a room in the Avalon Hotel. This hotel accommodation boasts chains of bungalows, each featuring its private infinity pool. You can take a plunge and enjoy your own oceanic experience in it. However, if you plan to get drenched in the sea, it is just a 20 minutes walk down. However, when you walk up the hill to your room, it will be a tiring hike session. All in all, this hotel is fantastic in all aspects. Besides that, the owners and the entire staff are hospitable to make you stay the best.

BeyEvi Hotel

This hotel is situated in Alacati and offers fantastic accommodation services. The entire setting of this hotel is so beautiful that you can plan a full-fledged staycation here. However, you must note that this hotel allows booking for children above 12. Those parents who have smaller kids may have to struggle to find another hotel. However, if your kid is below 12, you can contact the manager and negotiate things for their stay. Apart from this age restriction, you surely will enjoy the stone walls and the mismatched furniture. It’s a perfect view of the pristine beaches and the sea breeze from there attracts most eyes.

Wrapping Up

Turkey has many more worthy hotel accommodations, but we brought you the best. We suggest checking their official websites to check the bookings and related amenities. However, among all these, enjoy the Turkish land, filled with many more fun elements than just its turquoise waters. The Pegasus online booking facilities will help you reach your destination faster.