The current popularity of e cigarettes, more commonly known now as ‘vapes’, has led to a society where most of us will walk by at least one cloud of vapour during the average day. Whether on the commute home from work, or simply popping out for the day, passing by someone and inhaling the unusual scent of one of many e liquid flavours seems like a given and for this reason, it’s easy to think that vaping in and of itself is fashionable. This cigarette alternative has been hailed as one of the best ways to wean off of traditional smoking, but could it all come down to a fashion statement? We’re exploring, below.

How Popular Are They?

When it comes to popularity, you only have to look around to see just how many people are seemingly swapping out cigarettes for vapes, but this isn’t always a sign of true popularity. What can be taken as true evidence of a growing industry is the statistics. A study by market research group Euromonitor found that the number of active vapers grew from just 7 million in 2011, to a whopping 35 million in 2016 with predictions suggesting growth of up to 55 million by 2021.

Regardless of individual reasons for turning to vaping, it’s impossible to deny just how popular this alternative is becoming and there’s no sign of it slowing down, either. The fact that vaping is allowed in more places than smoking, the health benefits compared to cigarettes and even the simple fact that it helps with quitting smoking are all common reasons, but flavours, popularity and the fact it doesn’t bother others are also commonly reported.

Celebrity Influence

We couldn’t talk about fashion and popularity without mentioning celebrity influence and while it may not immediately seem obvious, there are celebrities out there vaping and proudly promoting is as an alternative. The likes of Wiz Khalifa, Katy Perry, DJ Khaled and Snoop Dog are all avid vapers, but given the music industry today this may not come as a surprise. However, what is a little more surprising to most is that the likes of Tom Hardy, Johnny Depp, Willie Nelson, Jack Black and even USA sweetheart Leonardo DiCaprio all partake in a bit of vaping as well!

As we all well know, celebrities can have a huge influence over the popularity of a product or service, and could certainly be having a huge effect on the growth of vaping as a whole. When someone’s favourite celebrity or idol endorses a product in one way or the other, fans are much more likely to consider it as a trustworthy and legitimate choice for their own lives.

Are They Healthier At Least?

Whether they have become fashionable may be a case of personal opinion and preference, but the popularity is clear to see – this could be down to the simple fact that they are healthier than the traditional smoking options.

While vaping is by no means risk-free, it does eliminate a lot of what makes a traditional cigarette so dangerous. With no tar, carbon monoxide or any of the other 400+ harmful compounds, the nicotine and e liquid contents are the only things to worry about, and the liquids are often thought of to be a much healthier alternative.

Whether you consider vaping a good alternative or just as bad as traditional cigarettes, the popularity of these devices is growing regardless. With more and more people picking up a vape tank to try out new flavours, the argument that they have become fashionable is an understandable one – what do you think?