It’s Cruise time!

No doubt about it – Cruise is designed to stress out the travel and strip the work. But due to the “all-inclusive” nature of ships, we generally fall into a “set it and forget it” mindset after booking the cruise. However, a little preparation before boarding the cruise can maximize your experience.

They are a lot of ways to put a little zip on your next cruise. Here are a few of them:

Start your vacation early

Hundreds of cruisers literally miss the boat because of various reasons – bad weather, traffic, delayed flight. Who needs all the stress?

There is an easy solution to this. Get to the port city night before. You can bypass pre-departure jitters and settle into your vacation, by arriving the night before. If you are in London, you can book your ride with EC Minibus for making your Southampton Cruise transfers easy and pleasurable. You can choose from various transportation packages based on your preference and budget.

Read about your Cruise Ship

Despite the huge size of the cruise, the ship can sometimes feel crowded. Majority of the passengers are bound to use the pools, so consider staying away from them. To help yourself with the crowding, check out the floor plan of the ship before boarding and look for tips from other cruisers about the best places to escape the crowd on the ship. This research before boarding will help you spend your vacation time relaxing.

Get a Spa Pass

On port days you may be alone, but if you want to bubble and soak, you can get a spa pass. You can ask at the spa’s front desk and get a spa pass for the duration of your cruise. The amenities vary depending on the cruise line but most lines let you use the thermal suits, steam room, heated tiled loungers, thalassotherapy pools, and solitude. Getting a spa pass can help you relax in style.

Get to the Disco

Even if dancing is not your thing, you need to be a little excited about your journey ahead. Charm it up a little. Supercharge your holiday at the deck party. Mostly, the cruise ships start to quiet down by midnight, unless there’s a disco party.

Every mainstream cruise line generally has a nightclub, but not all can keep the party going. Enjoy the live performances and interaction with interesting characters while cruising in luxury.

Be familiar with your destination

The key to maximizing your time in the destination is to hit the ground running. Research deeply about the city you are visiting. Before stepping off the ship, research about the major attractions, historical places, current events, topography, and local favorites. Make a list about what you want to do and see. Brushing up on the destination will help you enhance your travel experience.

Conclusion: A little preparation before the trip can get you started on the right foot. Once you are on your cruise and your journey begins, time has a way of slipping through your fingers like sand. Utilizing these travel preparation tips will save you time and time is money, my friend. Accommodate yourself and enjoy in your own style. Just remember to pack your stuff, be there on time, lay back and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Rush to the port, get on the ship, enjoy yourself!