Oskia is the all-British, all-natural beauty brand to know! Loved by beauty experts, fashionistas and VIPs alike we caught up with Oskia’s founder, Georgie Cleeve to discuss all things beauty…

Georgie Cleeve

Tell us how you started Oskia…

OSKIA was born out of an accidental discovery – I didn’t purposely set out to launch a skincare brand – rather it was a discovery of an amazing mineral that saved my knees, my sanity and my skin, and I simply couldn’t keep it to myself.

I suffered from severe knee cartilage damage in my teens and after many failed operations, I was persuaded by my Father to try his new joint supplements that he had developed for race horses, MSM. MSM, or Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, is the most bio-available form of the mineral sulphur – a mineral that’s vital to collagen production, and therefore cartilage, as well as keratin and amino acid production. Sulphur is also used in over 150 bodily processes including detoxification and anti-inflammation.Oskia

In short, after being told that it was unlikely I’d ever ski or run again, MSM has allowed me to compete in endless triathlons and spend several season as a ski instructor. The side effect I wasn’t expecting was that my skin, a combination of acne and eczema at the time, completely cleared and transformed into a truly healthy looking complexion.

The seed of an idea was sown, but it took many years being a food editor at House & Garden before I decided to embark on bringing a nutritionally-designed skincare range to the market. It was even more years of extensive research, development and working alongside some of the world’s best dieticians and doctors before OSKIA launched in 2010.


What is MSM?

MSM is the most bio-available form of sulphur, bio-available meaning that your body can actually put the mineral to use as it’s been broken down into molecules that can be put to use at a cellular level. Sulphur is the third most abundant mineral in the human body, present in every cell, and used in around 150 different bodily processes including keratin and collagen production. We use MSM to provide the body with the exact raw minerals to provide the body with the exact raw materials needed to reduce the signs of premature ageing and to help maintain a healthy, youthful complexion.

Who is the Oskia customer?

Our customer is someone who is looking to improve their skin health and wants to use products that deliver real, tangible results.

Oskia Nutri Day Cream

What is your daily beauty regime?

In the morning I cleanse with our Renaissance Cleansing Gel, then follow with an active toner, serum, moisturiser, SPF and a little makeup, which is usually just lipstick and blush. In the evening I do exactly the same without SPF I always, always double cleanse at night – the first to remove the day, the second to clean the skin. I also exfoliate weekly using both physical and chemical exfoliants. Our Micro Exfoliating Balm is a brilliant physical exfoliator. The granules are finely ground MSM and silica – the same size as grains used in microdermabrasion – that are encased in a balm, so it doesn’t scratch the skin unlike a lot of physical exfoliants that are often encased in a cream formula. I will also use a derma roller from time to time.

Oskia Renaissance Mask
Oskia Renaissance Mask

Which is your ultimate beauty product/s?

If I have an event it has to be the Renaissance Mask. It’s the only product that I’ve come across that gives an instant, visible complexion boost. It’s used on actors and actresses at Pinewood Studios just before close ups because it immediately brightens and tightens.

Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm

What top 3 products would you recommend for winter skin?

Restoration Oil – A brilliant addition to any skincare routine for a moisture boost. It’s incredibly lightweight in texture and only a few drops are needed to replenish, rejuvenate and restore the skin.

Micro Exfoliating Balm – Exfoliation is key to getting rid of any dead, damaged cells on the skin’s surface. The finely ground MSM and silica in our Micro Exfoliating Balm exfoliate the skin, whilst the nourishing balm the granules are encased in leaves the skin soft and supple. The Micro Exfoliating Balm can be tailor made too. Once water is added, the balm turns into an anti-inflammatory milk so you can make it an abrasive or as gentle as you like.

Renaissance Hand Cream – Our Renaissance Hand Cream makes an amazing overnight rejuvenating treatment for hands chapped and damaged by the colder months. It’s packed with hydrating ingredients such as Butterbur, Shea Butter and Macadamia Seed Oil to hydrate and sooth dry hands. | www.oskiaskincare.com