Alessandra Robles and Yuvraj Pahuja, the duo behind the Guatemala-Dubai-based Alessa Jewelry, have always had a weakness for geometric silhouettes. The couple are predominantly drawn to angular forms, deco motifs and enamel. Submerged in the colorful culture and arts of Guatemala, Alessandra delves into her heritage, travel, and personal stories for inspiration. Yuvraj, who was initiated into jewelry production, at the age of 14, while schooling in Dubai, belongs to a family that has been in the industry for five generations. Thus, textures, colors, nature, art and travel transform into “important influencers in the creative process” for the duo, while the ethos behind their designs lies in the empowerment of women.

The 22-piece collection, Eruption, launched at VicenzaOro in January this year, is inspired by volcanoes in Guatemala – diamonds and enamels embellish the rose gold collection that features tiny triangular motifs reminiscent of volcanoes. Alessandra’s affinity for mixing and matching, and stacking plays out through ear cuffs, double pierced earrings, and stackable bangle bracelets – and make for trendy, wearable jewelry.



How did the volcano become the muse?

Volcanoes are a true majestic force of nature, symbolizing strength and transformation.
This collection is inspired by Guatemala – the land of eternal spring and home to more than 32 volcanoes, some of which are still active. Each design explores strength and resurgence in the natural elements, and are a reflection of the fire and force within.
For me, this volcanic land is a mystical utopia filled with hope and boundless energy.

The Eruption line features 2D triangular designs – Tell us more.

This collection was the birth of our exploration into multi-dimensional geometry, including our original Elixir collection, which features triangular 2D designs and flexible gold engineering. I have worked on commission pieces also in other gold colors, especially in white gold, which will be the next generation for the collection with new designs.

What led you to name the jewels – Connect, Energy, Fragment, Rising?

These are the definition of multi-sensorial feelings, colors, textures and spiritual energy behind the majestic power of nature. By connecting with our elements and true self is where we find the space to evolve, grow and rise.

Many of your collections, including earlier ones, have enamel-accented pieces. What sparked this love of enamel?

The art of hand-painted components is part of the DNA behind the collections we create.

The paint itself is a creation and unique blend created by Yuvraj´s mother, a true artist by heart that mastered the art of using gold as her canvas. We use a mix of iridescent colors that compliment and are also contrasting in their nature.


How did you keep yourselves busy during the pandemic lockdown?

This time has been mind-shifting and revealing. It has given us time to rethink our strategy and vision by staying relevant, real & in tune with our essence as a brand. It has been in our darkest times that we’ve seen our team become its brightest, coming together to re-invent the way we communicate and do business. It has been an opportunity to evaluate what is truly important for each of us individually and as a community.