Laykh is undoubtedly the accessories label to know. Loved by fashionistas globally, the brand offers a range of exquisite accessories – think the chicest handbags and clutches (as well as other beautiful treats) in a color palette that will make your heart sing! Cue the ‘Kim’ clutch for a Jackie O feel, the deco-shaped ‘Sienna’ clutch in a vibrant emerald shade, or the ‘Cindy’ lizard clutch in a cute candy pink.

Founded by Hong Kong-based Kashish Hemnani, we find out more about her line and the inspirations behind the collections.


Laykh HandbagsWhat is luxury to you?
Luxury to me is a reality, not a perception. The whole trick of the luxury industry is to make consumers feel like they’re buying something rare when in actuality whatever we’re buying is almost certainly made in enormous quantities.  As the industry expands putting your hands on something unique gets harder and harder.

I began my brand to shatter the myths and illusions about the exotic leather industry, I source only the finest leathers from the leading tanneries worldwide, focus on quality workmanship, attentive customer service, and transparent pricing – in this day and age that to me is a “luxury”, to know exactly what you are buying and for what price.

Luxury is about purchasing a sense of value, when a bag is timeless enough in its lines and made of quality materials, it is a closet staple for years. I do not want my shoppers to struggle to justify their purchase. My shoppers know that they are being looked after, it is not just the product that counts but ensuring that the journey of purchasing a Laykh bag is hassle-free and trustworthy. All questions are answered, bespoke inquiries are taken with great detail, and all bags come packed in embroidered dustbags and a personal handwritten letter from myself. Once bags are delivered I always try to follow up and ensure one’s satisfaction.

Fashion is not a Luxury and Quality not a Privilege” – LAYKH


Laykh HandbagsHow would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?
Clean lines, understated elegance, and ravishing symmetry.

I make many of my decisions when designing based on a holistic approach.  It is all about balance, a large bag requires a neutral color, a small bag can pull off a multi-color, minimal hardware to never upstage the spectacular skins, python patterns are centered, ostrich panels filled with as many dots as possible, and crocodile squares are linear. The experience of carrying a Laykh bag is of great focus, a box clutch that does not fit your phone is a no-go – a day bag that is heavy when empty is not going to be fun to carry when full. Implementing designs that will easily cross over many looks and carry over season after season is of the utmost importance.

I have to be able to think of several outfits that the bag could accompany, I don’t want to see any reason the bag could not realistically be carried around during the day while running errands and then used again later in the evening as I head out to meet some friends for a couple of cocktails – to me when I think about the bag, if nothing else it needs to feel right

Do you have a signature style?
A few rules I live by:

If you’re showing your midriff, wear long sleeves.
If you’re wearing a backless outfit make sure you wear a high neck.
If you wearing statement-making cuffs ditch the belt.
Large earrings don’t require a necklace.
Going for a smokey eye then go for a nude lip.
I strongly believe that there is an innate elegance in BALANCE.

I love to celebrate femininity, strong colors that are not so extravagant, and being casual in not-so-casual a way. I have always preferred perfectly tailored classic options vs. the trend of the day. Fashion is my accessory, I use it as a medium to help me look my best but at no point do I want to drown in my statement.

I stay true to my aesthetic even when designing, I do not design stand-out showstoppers with obvious logos and branding, this is not my intention, but it is about staying faithful to something simple and beautiful in a really obvious way.  By no means boring but well thought out and visually fluid.

Laykh HandbagsWho is your customer?
When bags are being carried that scream “Look at me, I’m so edgy” on the owner’s behalf, that’s too obvious of a statement for any truly stylish person to want to make, in fact, the designs almost come off as insecure or self-conscious, when something has to be broadcasted the effect is totally lost.

The LAYKH Lady – as I like to call her would refuse to buy a lifeless uninspired bag just because the designer’s name is on the front. She does not fall victim to trends but is a knowledgeable shopper who knows what her money is worth, believes she is worthy to own beautiful things, and invests in quality classics. She is confident to stay away from the “it” bags because she knows they may be all the rage for one season and a dust collector for the next. She is secure and stylish in her fashion choices.

Tell us about your latest pieces…
In 2018 my main focus is on sustainability. This began last year when we launched our leather bracelets all of which are made from repurposing our production waste. My mission is to increase the use of recycled materials by introducing a fun range of accessories, fun handbag straps, small leather accessories, a corporate gift line, and a shirt line with leather trims.

Another focus this year is on personalization. With exotics, it is hard to emboss on such textured leathers and they do not last. This year I am excited to launch a service where you can have either your initials laser cut into the bag or you can have elegant small gold letters attached. I am very lucky to be working with an incredible jewelry factory that will be making our 3D letters but electroplating real gold onto stainless steel which ensures that the hardware will never tarnish or fade, the quality is impeccable and I am sure will prove to be a hit with our shoppers and great gift items.

I am also super excited to be launching a collection of leather sandals to match our fun laser cut totes – perfect for the summer and beach holidays! I aim for Laykh to not only be a handbag line but a lifestyle brand – there are a lot of interesting things in the pipeline!

Which is your favorite and why?
My signature bag and bestseller – the FAREESA in the black python belly.  I was inspired to create the perfect day bag, a handbag that easily adorns and can effortlessly transition from work to play!

With the multiple miniature pleat detailing that beautifully accentuates the python belly scales running down the bag, it has “Mary Poppins” potential!  It provides ample room for all your non-essentials by puffing out but when carrying just what you need its silhouette easily flattens down coming together and looks incredibly sleek.

Despite the ability to carry everything you want, it is wonderfully light. The thin exotic leather and minimal chain detail make this bag a comfortable pleasure to carry which is key whether it be heading to work, running errands, going to lunch, or an impromptu dinner plan. It functions as an open-top shoulder bag but with its side and central dividing zipped pockets your valuables are safe and better yet, you can actually find them. It is the best travel bag and packs flat!

laykh for Valentine's DayAesthetically the classic black skin works with any wardrobe and whether you choose to wear a gold cuff or sterling silver earrings the gunmetal hardware finish does not clash with any shade of accessory making running around just that much easier! I have three of them and I honestly feel as comfortable carrying it in jeans and flats, smart casual in a blazer jeans and heels, or in a dinner dress and heels. It is just a pleasure to carry and wonderfully versatile!