If luxury lingerie label Adina Reay isn’t on your radar, it is now! Founded by Sharon Lake, it is a thoroughly British, and not to mention gorgeous label, that appeals to all those with a fuller cup.
Just the right balance of contemporary and classic, each piece is lovingly designed and made in the UK; expect timeless silhouettes, luxe materials of silk and lace, and a color palette that combines the classic and the cheeky.
Lake shares her top tips when it comes to buying lingerie.
Adina Reay Vivien Lingerie Collection

 If buying online get in touch with the retailer, ask advice, return anything you don’t love. On the high street, find a store where you feel comfortable enough to discuss what you are looking for, how you want to feel, and any insecurities. I have had some real nightmares, however, through Adina we have found some amazing independent stops whose mission is to make you feel fabulous. Think of your hairdresser, once you find a good one you look forward to going, you value their advice and they always make sure you leave with what you want.
Fran Aubergine model wearing Adina Reay Fran Collection Lingerie

Pop something on top: If you’re trying at home it isn’t an issue to pop on a shirt or t-shirt. If you’re in a store remember to take them along. This will give you a better idea of what shape your lingerie is going to give you. We do this with our fit models every time we work through a new style.

Adina Reay lingerie

Think comfort: It doesn’t matter how beautiful your lingerie looks, if it’s digging in or chaffing, after half an hour you are really going to regret wearing it. Move around in it, try sitting down, have a little stretch before you decide if you’re keeping it.

Adina Reay lingerie
Don’t get too hung up on sizing: There really is no such thing as a standard size. Not only do all brands fit differently, so do styles within brands. A great fitter will take you through this painlessly. If you’re buying online don’t worry about ordering a few different sizes and returning the ones that aren’t perfect (but make sure you check the returns policy first).
Stay loyal: If you go into a store with a great fitter who finds you the perfect bra don’t be tempted to leave the shop then buy the same item online. They offer great service and it would be a real miss if they weren’t there.
Never buy lingerie you don’t love: No matter what advice you are given, you’ll never feel happy in it, if you don’t love it. Shop the brand at leading stores worldwide and www.adinareay.com.