Ask Deepak Chopra and he will tell you that we have a spiritual and karmic connection to everyone in our lives. What does this mean? For me, it means creating beautiful relationships throughout my life. This is what I teach my clients. Our happiness comes from the love that we give and receive from those around us, be they family, lovers, or co-workers.

“By Making a Soul Connection, Your True Purpose in Life will become The Foundation of everything you do” – Deepak Chopra

The basis for building positive relationships and strong karmic connections begin with a positive attitude. That attitude starts from within. Yes, love yourself and others will love you too. Learn to manifest positive energy and you will learn how to attract positive connections in your life. Being a Life Coach for so many years I have encountered many lonely and unhappy folks that came to me looking for love. Once I taught these clients to love themselves they found their soulmates or reconnected with their lost loves because they realized that negativity pushes people away and a strong positive attitude coupled with humility and gratitude pulls loved ones closer.

Truly the key to enriched relationships and making positive connections start with YOU. There is no blaming anyone for your loneliness. When we let down our armor and look in the mirror we can begin to change the unloving parts and discard them, opening ourselves to self-love and accepting love from others.  Understand too, that everyone that comes into our lives comes in for a karmic reason, be it bad or good because we learn lessons from everyone. But the key to true happiness is to keep those karmic relationships positive because it’s much easier to learn our life and spiritual lessons when those connections are positive.

About Lynn Marie – Lynn Marie is a Certified Life Coach and Master Psychic with over 32 years of professional experience. She works as a professional Psychic and Life Coach consultant to an eclectic group of international professionals and public figures. Her clients know that she is dedicated to their personal and professional growth, self-improvement, spiritual enlightenment, joy, and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives. She is passionate about helping people heal relationships and opening up to the powerful possibilities that lie before them. For more information call 855-807-2409.