A one-woman exhibition highlighting some of the rarest and most beautiful pieces of jewelry is set to take place at Los Angeles’s Natural History Museum. Between December 2018 and May 2019, Paula Crevoshay’s ‘The Art of the Jewel: the Crevoshay Collection’ will be on display, showcasing Crevoshay’s unique talent for turning bare minerals into stunning pieces of art and jewelry. Therefore, if you’re yearning to witness fine jewelry and precious stones over the coming months, this exhibition is the perfect event for you.

Madame Butterfly from Crevoshay Collection

Showcasing Paula Crevoshay’s work

Paula Crevoshay has spent the past three decades designing and working with precious materials to create some of the finest pieces of jewelry in the country. Prior to becoming a jewelry designer, Crevoshay studied fine arts. As a result, she uses her artist knowledge and skills in each and every one of her luxurious designs. “I am painting with the tangible light of the mineral. Gemstones are the light of the earth. It’s tangible, it’s portable and it’s glorious,” Crevoshay states. As an established and well-loved jewelry designer, Crevoshay is frequently approached by museums looking to display her work. This has led to her being involved in three prior one-woman shows, including her ‘Nature, Art and Science’ exhibition which also took place at Los Angeles’s Natural History Museum earlier this year.

Paula Crevoshay Wavy Thistle Brooch

Why the Natural History Museum?

The Natural History Museum isn’t the first place you would expect to to witness an array of fine jewelry. However, Crevoshay’s creations are like no other collection you’ve ever viewed before. ‘The Art of the Jewel: the Crevoshay Collection’ promises to explore both the art and the science of the jewelry, “from mineral to gem to jewel.” And, with the Natural History’s Mission being “To inspire wonder, discovery, and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds”, Crevoshay’s collection will undoubtedly be right at home there.

Lady Slipper from Crevoshay Collection

Must-see pieces

50 pieces of exquisite jewelry, including, earrings, bracelets and brooches are set to go on display when the exhibition goes live. Crevoshay is renowned for her use of color, along with her animal and flower designs. Among the collection, visitors can expect to study a beautiful butterfly brooch which contains twos of the largest Montana sapphires currently in existence. Meanwhile, a flower brooch, which has been years in the making due to it containing 300 rare pink Montana sapphires personally collected by Crevoshay, is sure to a highlight of the show. Another brooch set to make its mark at the exhibition is the “Madame Butterfly” which was created in 2014 and consists of a variety of materials, including opal moonstone, garnet, and diamonds.

Poppy from Crevoshay Collection

What to expect

Individuals will get to attend the exhibition free of charge after purchasing entrance to the museum. Once inside, you’re bound to be left in awe at the astonishing designs Crevoshay has created. Speaking of the designs which are due to go on show, Crevoshay states that “What I really want people to experience when they contemplate my work is the feeling we get when we are touched by sublime beauty.” Such designs are sure to leave exhibition attendees brimming with positvity. Research has shown that viewing art has a positive effect on an individual’s stress levels. As a result, they feel a sense of happiness and calm. Therefore, by exploring Crevoshay’s creations, you’ll feel good both during and after your visit.

Itsy Bitsy from Crevoshay Collection

A special night among gems

‘The Art of the Jewel: the Crevoshay Collection’ will be celebrated in an opening event at The Natural History Museum on Tuesday, December 11th between 18:00 and 20:00 PM. To truly make the evening one to remember, the Los Angeles GIA Alumni Association Chapter is making it an invitation-only event. Therefore, guests should ensure they act fast to secure their tickets, which are available for $50 now. Otherwise, tickets will be priced at $65 on the door on the night. The lucky attendees will get to mingle with museum VIPs, explore the delightful and outstanding craftsmanship of an collection of Crevoshay’s pieces and get to enjoy sipping cocktails and tucking into hors d’oeuvres alongside Mineral Sciences Curator, Dr. Aaron Celestian.

Paula Crevoshay’s latest exhibition looks set to be one of LA’s biggest highlights in the coming months. Therefore, be sure to witness her stunning jeweled artwork and designs while you can.