The intrepid mountaineer is a classic and highly desirable foul winter weather look. The popular rugged rock climber and outdoor adventurer image are multi-functional. It goes down just as well along the high street as at high altitudes.

During the winter and bad weather, you want clothing that keeps out the cold and protects you from questions about your virility. A man wants to give the impression that he has led expeditions to the Himalayas and Patagonia. Rather than just to Tesco’s.

A wardrobe that is just as warm and cool in Lakadh as it is in Leatherhead. A man who dresses like he is used to extreme mountain conditions is a man to be admired and respected.

Rab Clothing

No man will sacrifice mobility for bulk. Every man knows he is judged by his base layer. Every man knows how easily he can be emasculated by his choice of salopettes.

A man needs clothing that matches or gives the impression of a wild weather complexion and highly active mountaineer skin tone.  Something you can wear crossing Iceland on foot just as crossing London by bus. He must be as confident in his outer shell as his thermal and largely wind-resistant boxers.

We all want to be mistaken for a Mountain Man or person. But we also want to project a sensitive, compassionate, gentle side and the image that we are not cruel to ducks. Rab clothing and equipment make these statements.

In 1973, Scotsman Rab Carrington took part in an expedition to Patagonia (not the shop) but, arriving in Buenos Aires, he discovered that his climbing equipment was still in Liverpool because of a dock strike. So, he taught himself hand-stitching and started making his own sleeping bag.

In the 80s, the attic of his terrace home in Sheffield in Yorkshire became a mini-factory producing lightweight, durable and high-quality outdoor activewear.

The Glaswegian retired in 2007 and his firm is now owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies and based in Derbyshire.  His signature insulated down jackets, sleeping bags, and expedition wear, using European goose and duck down, are certified to the Responsible Down Standard.

A fluorocarbon-free water repellency treatment reduces water saturation and increases protection. Rab also uses synthetic insulation made from recycled plastic bottles.

Rab Clothing

Rab offers everything from an easy-stash high loft insulation men’s Cirrhus Alpine jacket (160), Neutrino Pro Down jackets (£300), high-intensity mountain use hoodies and beanies,  ultra-dexterous, ultra-toasty gloves, backpacks for every ascent, descent, and ramble ( from 8000m peaks to the park), rockface bobble hats, microlites,  fleece pants,  trail-friendly  Downpour Eco jackets ( £110), £500 extreme environment sleeping bags for precipice and sheer face sleepovers, £1000 full expedition suits, boots for mountaineering, backcountry trekking and mountain trail running and  Gore-Tex to chill in and generally slob around and pose in.

Rab offers advanced weather and self-esteem protection. It is the summit of all-weather style. In Rab, a man is in his element.