Having made its debut in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve towards the end of 2018, RockFig Safari Lodge entices guests to immerse themselves into the ultimate snug and cozy safari feeling. With a history spanning more than two decades, owners Glen and Bruce Jenkins share their intrepid love for this piece of bushveld, paving the way for a most memorable homey experience.

Rockfig Safari Lodge cute baby elephant. Photo by Heléne Ramackers
After a nice slumber, the baby elephant is now awake and points his trunk towards us. Photo by By Heléne Ramackers

A baby elephant is lying fast asleep on the sand while the rest of the herd of about a hundred elephants feed on the surrounding greenery. They are all around us, and we sit in quiet amazement, marveling at the sheer size of these pachyderms while hearing the occasional deep rumble from one of the matriarchs. Next to this little sleeping elephant, his herd mates are having a dust bath when all of a sudden, a bigger calf has had enough of his friend looking lifeless. He unceremoniously puts his foot on the snoozing baby, as if to say ‘come on chap, you’ve slept enough now – it’s playtime’. Begrudgingly, the dozing elephant opens his eyes, lifts up his trunk and staggers to his feet. He seems bashful, seeking the comfort of his mother and before long, they march off into the sunset.

RockFig Safari Lodge Lounge. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge
The lounge area at the main lodge is comfortable, with plentiful seating and an inviting fireplace for the cooler winter months. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge

My daughter and I arrive at RockFig Safari Lodge after a comfortable road transfer from Hoedspruit Airport by our field guide, Almero Klïngenberg. We are warmly welcomed by John and Lorraine Easingwood, executive chef and front of house anchor respectively. After a refreshing drink, we are shown to our fabulous accommodation for the next two nights, expertly constructed by lodge architect Tom Hattingh and skillfully furnished by Jacqui Hunter from Imagenius Interiors. With over fifteen years working in the creation and reimagining of safari lodges, Jacqui knew she wanted to craft a space that resonates with the DNA here, particularly one that has been created by a family, which she chose to respect and enhance, rather than change.

RockFig Safari Lodge Bedroom deck. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge
Each room has an outside veranda, the ideal place to enjoy a beverage while lapping up the wonder of nature. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge

“I love working in the bush,” Jacqui tells me. “For RockFig Safari Lodge, I drew my inspiration from the surroundings and the environment of the lodge. The rockfaces of the Drakensberg mountains en route to the lodge, famed for their tenacious rockfig trees that grow on the face of the mountain, as well as the shades of the lichen on these rocks, formed the blueprint for my color choices. Along with the wonderful story of the Rockfig leopard, the birds and trees endemic to the lodge further spurred my creativity.”

RockFig Safari Lodge Drinks on deck. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge
The outside seating area at the main lodge is the fitting spot for on-site sundowners. Photo provided by RockFig Safari Lodge

With a great deal of care taken in the building of the lodge, originally created by the Jenkins family, Jacqui worked sensitively to enrich the interiors by fashioning a sense of luxury and spaces for different guest experiences – indoor and outdoor, private and communal. An imperative part for her was to build on the foundation they had laid by adding layering – texture, subtle colors and detailing in each area.

RockFig Safari Lodge Bedroom Interior. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge
The bedrooms are striking, with plush finishes and lavish upholstery. Photo provided by RockFig Safari Lodge

Special design elements were incorporated into the rooms to add to the sense of plushness. Jacqui explains: “The headboards are very generous and have lavish upholstery in silvery grey tones. The mosquito nets are connected to a canopy over the bed; they can be drawn right back to the wall opening the space, exposing the magnificent outside views from your bed. In each room, I commissioned artist Leigh Tuckniss to do watercolors of the birds and trees prevalent in the area, which is a beautiful detail on the wall above the headboard. The true hero of every room is the view and the glass-fronted bathrooms with their freestanding baths, adding to the sense of luxury at RockFig Safari Lodge.”

Rockfig Safari Lodge Elephant up close. Photo by Heléne Ramackers
This big guy with his one tusk was striding towards us. He had just had a dust bath as can be seen from the brownish patches on top of his head and on his ears. Photo by Heléne Ramackers

Lunch is served outside and we feast on an array of salads, chicken, the most delectable finger-licking ribs and watermelon for dessert. Almero rounds us up for our afternoon game drive and there are elephants in abundance; they are trying to cool off by throwing sand over themselves.

Rockfig Safari Lodge lion. Photo by Heléne Ramackers
After a grooming session, the lion sits fully alert, listening to any sounds of prey that might be strolling by. Photo by Heléne Ramackers

The sun is starting to set and tracker Isaac Mathonsï spots the River Pride of lions walking out into the clearing; two starts grooming each other while another walks around the vehicle and lies on the ground, attempting to nonchalantly look as though he doesn’t notice us. They are definitely on the lookout for something to eat and once it has become dark, we follow them until we reach a part where we aren’t allowed to drive anymore.

John has outdone himself with supper, which is beautifully set up on the pool deck. We dine on calamari starters, the most perfectly prepared fillet with mushroom sauce & crushed roasted potato and my favorite dessert – chocolate mousse.

RockFig Safari Lodge Romantic candlelit bath. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge
RockFig Safari Lodge Romantic candlelit bath. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge

A short stroll from the main lodge to our room and my daughter and I cannot wait to experience our luxurious accommodation. The shower is huge and so inviting, with the fragrant
Healing Earth Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil products provided to bathe with. The beautiful white freestanding tub seems tempting, but perhaps I will capitulate tomorrow night, filling it with caressing bubbles.


Rockfig Safari Lodge giraffe. Photo by Heléne Ramackers
Following a necking display, the defeated giraffe looked rather humiliated. Photo by Heléne Ramackers

On our morning game drive, various bird species are out in full force, and my daughter, a keen birder, ticks a few new ones of her birding list. In the distance, two giraffes are necking, vying for dominance. Almero seems to be harboring a secret; we soon find out what – we’re having breakfast in the bush! Lovingly prepared, we enjoy a choice of fruits, cereals, juices, coffee, and hot breakfast.

RockFig Safari Lodge Pool. Photo by RockFig Safari Lodge
After a hot summer’s day, the enjoyment of the refreshing water in the rim-flow pool should not be taken for granted. Photo provided by RockFig Safari Lodge

Back at the lodge, we take a dip in the pool and spend the afternoon at leisure before being fed some more delectable food – think koftas, green salads and chocolate brownies to conclude our meal. An interactive kitchen and dining area make meal-times enjoyable, with an open-plan counter and stove for fun breakfasts; a coffee station in the kitchen and a brand-new outside kitchen-pizza oven space.


RockFig Safari Lodge staff and guests. Photo by Heléne Ramackers
Morning coffee with field guide Almero Klingenberg, guest Jodie Ramackers, tracker Isaac Mathonsi, and guest Sarené Brits. Photo by Heléne Ramackers

While scouting for some exiting animal sightings during the remainder of our stay, Almero ensures that our leopard ‘wish’ is fulfilled, with not one, but two sightings. On our afternoon drive, we witness a young female having a catnap when she suddenly sits up. We patiently wait for her to do something, but she continues her siesta.

Rockfig Safari Lodge Leopard on lookout. Photo by Heléne Ramackers
The leopard pauses on a termite mound to view her surroundings before finding solace in the shade of a tree. Photo by Heléne Ramackers

The sunset at Impala Dam is magnificent, with the sky painted in varying shades of orange. During our last morning drive, another young leopard is lying flat in the grass, keeping her eye on impalas that are close-by. She is leopard crawling towards them and only the white tip of her tail indicates to us that she is still there. She moves stealthily, and we are all surprised at the impalas to continue to feed, unaware of this lurking danger. Suddenly, one barks its alarm call. Her cover is blown. She reveals herself and they all scurry off in different directions. Not too impressed, she carries on searching for prey, patrolling her territory, pausing on a termite mound to view her surroundings. She eventually finds solace in the shade of a tree, saving her energy for hunting under the cover of darkness as most predators do.

Thank you to Kim Beyers and Natalie Sokolich from Kim Beyers Representation for arranging our stay and to the Jenkins family for hosting us.  

*** Views expressed are the author’s own.


Airlink Embraer E190 at Hoedspruit Airport
Airlink Embraer E190 at Hoedspruit Airport

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