Consider the elements that have defined your most indulgent travel experiences: the exclusivity of a private tour of the Vatican; the sweeping grandeur of a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls; the intimacy and indulgence of a private kasbah in the High Atlas. And, naturally, the ensuing bragging rights over cocktails, however, not a single view from the most celebrated places on the earth can compete with a view of Earth itself, from more than 100,000 feet into the atmosphere, on a peaceful sailing-like journey to the edge of space. Astronauts have marveled about this rare vantage point, and the emotional impact of seeing the gentle curve of our planet, a world without the boundaries assigned by mankind, and the infinity of space beyond.

World View Voyagers

World View, incubated by the company behind StratEx (Stratospheric Exploration) brings to you the opportunity of a lifetime with the same ease as traveling via commercial airline: Voyagers board a fully pressurized space capsule that accommodates six passengers and two crew members for a gentle ascent to 20 miles above the earth. Luxuriously styled and engineered, the capsule is transported by a ParaWing and a high-altitude balloon, which expands gradually until voyagers reach their peak altitude atop 99 percent of Earth’s atmosphere. The rocket-like, high-G thrust into space that, on other early-adopting space tourism experiences requires intensive preparation, is replaced with a seemingly effortless cruise toward the world’s most spectacular panorama. After a one to two-hour float during which you can grasp at infinity through dual-pane viewports that offer 360-degree vistas (and share the experience in real-time with loved ones thanks to in-flight Internet access), the ParaWing takes over for a gentle glide back down to the earth below.

Capsule Studio

Individuals who wish to be a pioneer in this exciting new era of space exploration can reserve their World View flight with a $5,000 deposit; the remaining $70,000 is due six months prior to their flight.