Located in the heart of the city, AMES Hotel is a refreshingly chic experience. The building is Boston’s first skyscraper, built in 1889, and the recent renovation pays tribute to the historic aesthetic, in a completely modern way. Stepping into the hotel lobby, thousands of delicate silver discs are illuminated from the modern take of a chandelier overhead. Glance above the chandelier to see a barrel-vaulted mosaic ceiling which is original to the building—a priceless find during the recent renovation.

The AMES Family is a well-known family in the New England area, who made their fortune with the AMES Plow Company producing agricultural tools and later were involved with financing the Union Pacific Railroad. AMES Building housed offices until early 2000’s and was purchased and renovated into the AMES Hotel in 2009.

The sleek, minimalist décor is in perfect contrast to the historic architecture. The hallways are cast in a soft glow, and set the tone for relaxation among the busy city streets outside. The elevators open to reveal a gilded mirror which holds one of the many unexpected elements at AMES. Glance into the mirror and you will be transfixed by a “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion of a seemingly floating chandelier.

The guest rooms and suites exemplify elegance with sheer curtains and decor, sleek cream-color furniture and open floor plan. Old and new is highlighted throughout the space, as modern plank beds are flanked by black chrome lamps that are similar in style to lamps that once lit the city. Walls of windows are dressed in airy sheer curtains, and spectacular views of Boston: historic buildings, Faneuil Hall market, and harbor views, are seen at every angle. Standing apart from the traditional hotels in Boston, AMES is a welcomed option for those looking for contemporary luxury. At thirteen stories high, the views are beautiful, especially as the city becomes illuminated at night. Woodard, the hotel’s signature restaurant, has a cool, downtown atmosphere and artful take on traditional New England dining.

AMES is the perfect getaway, whether you would like to enjoy the historic richness of Boston, or draw the sheer curtains and immerse in a weekend of relaxed glamour.