Sri Lanka not only boasts an agreeably warm and tropical climate, but it also offers plenty of fantastic holiday options for those who enjoy the surrounds of the great outdoors.

In many ways, there’s almost too much choice, so to make this a little easier for you if you are planning on taking a trip to this part of the world, in this post is a selection of some of the most beautiful spots to consider.

Sri Lanka Yala National Park

Yala National Park

Situated on the southeast edge of the Sri Lankan island, this is the second biggest National Park in the country and is teeming with wildlife. This is a particularly right choice if you’re a fan of big cats, as it has one of the largest populations of leopards; however, it’s also a home for everything from monkeys to birds and elephants.

Sri Lanka Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Speaking of elephants, as the name of this suggested location clearly shows, this is another top choice for lovers of animals. This site for the protection and captive breeding of orphaned elephants is also set against a backdrop of stunning scenery. This includes the Maha Oya river and the 25-acre coconut plantation near to Pinnawala village.

Sri Lanka Kandy city


Despite being a large city, Kandy can provide plenty for those looking for natural delights. This is because of the town itself next to the impressive central highland mountain range. Besides, Kandy itself is a World Heritage Site, meaning there’s also lots on offer in terms of local culture and history.

Sri Lanka Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple

This is another example that combines the natural and the man-made. This is also known as the ‘Golden Temple of Dambulla’ and includes over 80 caves across the complex. It’s believed to date back to the first century and within the caves are a plethora of artifacts and relics from Buddhist religious history. It’s the natural formation of these caves, and the 160m rock face, which steals the show though, and visitors can traverse these explore the majority of the area.

The best part about Sri Lanka is that this is just a shortlist of examples; the reality is that this country can offer you so much more when it comes to natural beauty. So, if the above has to whet your appetite, why not carry out some more research into Sri Lanka’s top attractions yourself? You can begin by checking out some of the famous Sri Lanka Tours. This way, you can get even more inspiration for your upcoming travels and holiday adventures.