Best Destinations for a Winter Break

The central heating is being turned on and the blankets are out; winter is coming and it’s here to stay for a while. Although the cold days of winter rarely seem like the perfect time for a weekend away or a holiday, they are actually ideal to see some of the world’s most amazing cities. Take a look on Travel Republic and see that not only will your flights be cheaper, but your accommodation also will more affordable, and you’ll miss those summer crowds too. Wander around peaceful museums and art galleries and then enjoy dinner in quieter surroundings. Here’s where to consider if you fancy a winter break like this.

Destination Madrid

Madrid  |  Spain’s capital won’t be particularly hot, but it’s no problem when you can warm yourself up with some Chocolate Con Churros; a Spanish donut covered in dipping chocolate. And there’s plenty to do: Madrid is a modern city full of entertainment, scenic pavement cafés, a collection of modern art, history and stylish shopping streets all compiled into one place. If you are planning to visit Madrid around Christmas time, you can sample some Spanish sweets and see the whole city illuminated with stunning lights for a real Christmassy feel. Hotels and flights are often up for grabs at special prices.

Destination Barbados

Barbados  |  For those of you who are looking to escape the coldness of winter and want some sun, Barbados is the perfect place to visit with temperatures often reaching 26°C in winter. You’ll find some of the best hotels and restaurants on the Caribbean west coast here, looking out across calm, picture-perfect beaches. The best months to visit are between December and April as they are less humid and allow you to have longer relaxing beach days, drinking rum and putting the dark, wet days of home behind you. You won’t find a place with bluer skies or brighter beaches this winter.

Destination Budapest

Budapest  |  Budapest is beautiful in summer, but it’s just as lovely in winter. It won’t offer you any hot weather, but it will, more often than not, sprinkle a dusting of snow that just enhances the city’s skyline. A warm coat and a scarf will be essential for your winter trip here but, be sure to leave space in your suitcase for those gorgeous items of clothing that the wealth of boutiques will offer you on Vàci utca – Budapest’s fashion street. The colder weather will be the perfect opportunity for you to visit one of the many museums, soaking up the culture of fine arts. Explore the 19th-century buildings that are not ordinarily open to the public on the Barons of Budapest tour.

Destination Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro  |  Another place for some winter sun; December, January and February are often the hottest months of the year here with temperatures reaching 30°C. So, expect to spend your time mixing with the locals on one of the many beaches. One of the greatest reasons to visit Rio De Janeiro during the winter is to experience the celebrations for the new year, with free beach music festivals and incredible firework displays. Prices will also be cheaper during the early winter months as they don’t begin to rise until festival season begins in February which means you will be able to join the party atmosphere for a fraction of the price.

Wherever you choose to visit, you’ll go home feeling relaxed and refreshed. Let us inspire you with some of our winter break suggestions and swap that sofa for a sandy beach or city street.