For those anticipating an island vacation at the Ladera Resort, you should know that the instant before departing is the best part of your stay. To fully understand how this last is best scenario occurs, realize that your emotional farewell is all part of the Ladera plan for exceeding expectations.

Let’s start with the moment you first opened the hand-carved door to your suite. Choosing Ladera wasn’t by accident. You were lured by the cutting-edge architectural concept that makes Ladera one of the most unique luxury resorts in the world.

Prior to booking your vacation, you read that Ladera burst onto the Caribbean hotel scene in 1982 by building suites with an open fourth wall. This open concept not only provides guests with an exhilarating connection with nature, but it also means witnessing a high-definition view of The Pitons, St. Lucia’s lush green, 2,000-foot volcanic mountains.

The third level restaurant at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

Seeing is Believing

No photo on the Internet can prepare you for the 180-degree first impression view from your suite. The only thing separating you from The Pitons is your private plunge pool. How impressive is the setting you’ve just stepped into? The Ladera property is so pristine, so rare, and so treasured, it’s the only resort in St. Lucia located on a Unesco World Heritage site.

What is it about Ladera that is so exceptional? Everything within this 15-acre paradise is precise. The resort’s property placement is along a ridgeline located 1,000-feet above sea level. The Ladera setting is surrounded by towering trees and a myriad of flowers that welcome guests in waves of color. As enthralling as you’ll find the scenery, it’s the Ladera service that will tug at your heartstrings on that last day.

Suite at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia
The reception area is as friendly as it is professional. Rare is the instance that you’ll need to wait to have a desire attended to. Walk past this desk, day or night, and you’re met with waves and smiles. From the first day at check-in to your last day on the island, Ladera’s 140-employees are engaging, dedicated, and committed to making your stay extraordinary.

Sunset at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia
Sunsets Like No Other

Your Ladera connection deepens each time you visit their Dasheene Restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As with every other vantage point at Ladera, your Dasheene dining experience is enhanced 10-fold by the restaurant’s incredible views of the Pitons. These dining moments are one of the cornerstones to what you’ll feel on that bittersweet last day.

Sunsets at Dasheen are practically a religious experience for Ladera guests. After choosing one of Ladera’s signature rum cocktails, guests sit back and watch the sun slip behind the 2,600-foot high Gros Piton. These magic moments are what make Ladera a honeymoon, anniversary, and special occasion magnet.

Enjoying wine by the plunge pool at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia
For those vacationers seeking an authentic farm to table destination, you’ll thrill to Ladera’s commitment to making the most of their precious resources. Chef Nigel Mitchell has served Ladera clientele for over 20 years. In addition to making homemade bread, pasta, and even ice cream, Chef Mitchell handpicks the best of the property’s plentiful vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The Dasheene Restaurant also partners with local fishermen for their fresh catch of the day specials.

the pool at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

Authentic St. Lucia Luxury

Today’s savvy vacationer places a premium on experiential travel. Ladera raises the bar to a Piton-like level when it comes to providing an authentic island experience.

Where else in the Caribbean can you go to find nearly every room showcasing design touches by a staff member? Of course, it all started with Architect John DiPol’s vision for creating a resort whose signature is an open fourth wall. Did you know that in 1972, Ladera is credited with the first infinity pool as featured in the movie Superman.

Villa Paradise at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

Today’s Ladera includes authentic accents throughout the resort. The wood doors, chairs, tables, cabinetry, and four-poster beds are all hand-carved by Ladera team members. The tile work in the flooring, bathrooms, plunge pools and massive showers are all hand-crafted by a Ladera staffer. The most anticipated example of Ladera’s handy work will debut in April when the resort’s new 18,000-square-foot spa opens.

Aldon Yoga at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia
Aldon Yoga

Last Day Reflections

On your last day, you begin to reflect on the Ladera’s scenic vantage points and the images to which you’ll forever cling. The Pitons were on display from the three-tiered Dasheen Restaurant, the infinity pool, the gym, the yoga platform, and especially from your open-walled suite.

As you think back on these Piton vistas, there are two things you know for sure: The best of times are sometimes fleeting, and it’s hard to say goodbye to the people who made your Ladera stay so special.

Ladera Coffee at Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

You’ve come full circle. It’s your last day at Ladera. It’s also your best day at Ladera. With one more wave to the crew at the Ladera front desk, you’re heading back home. The last is the best. Seeing is believing at Ladera.