Relaxing in a little place by the beach while admiring the beautiful tranquil blue waters of the ocean, I asked myself “Where can I possibly escape to where I can simply relax for a few days”… and needless to say, once I arrived home I had an invitation waiting for me to attend a weekend get-away at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa located in Little Torch Key in the Florida Keys. Reading about this beautiful place was nothing compared to what I experienced during my stay…. the ultimate luxury getaway!

My journey began when I boarded their vintage style 1940’s Truman Yacht, a wooden yacht named after the president. Watching the stunning scenery that one comes across on the journey to this luxury getaway was indeed eye-catching, the weather was warm and the temperature was just perfect! but once the yacht took a turned around one of the many islands we encountered, there it was, right in front of me “Little Palm Island Resort & Spa”, a truly hidden treasure in the Florida Keys! Graciously, the captain assisted me and the other passengers off the boat, and an elegant and courteous attendant welcomed us to what was about to be one of the most exciting & memorable vacations.

Little Palm Island is a five-acre hideaway that quietly caters to high-profile celebrities, executives and even US Presidents. We were given the grand tour of the island explaining in detail where everything was, their restaurant, spa, boutique, and concierge who arranges many different activities costumed to your liking, indeed a resort where you can live in luxury and be pampered for the length of your stay! Once the tour was completed, I was escorted to my very own thatched roof private bungalow personalized with my own name on a custom wooden sign out front. My suite was elegantly designed, with custom-made king-sized beds and romantic mosquito netting, so plush that one doesn’t ever want to leave.

At this point, I knew that I was in heaven and what lay ahead was going to be nothing but the best! After a long and peaceful bath, I got ready for a Sandbar Session with Rickie Lee Jones, a fabulous singer who has recorded in various musical styles including rock, R&B, blues, pop, soul and jazz. Walking towards the restaurant, where the concert was taking place, I was seated at a nice table for two right on the sand, I began sipping on a nice glass of Riesling, Pierre Sparr Reserve, Alsace 2007 followed by a delicious appetizers of shrimp and yellowtail snapper ceviche which consisted of scallions, cilantro, red jalapenos, red onions, ginger, lime juice corn nuts and seaweed; as soon as my appetizer was done, a Braised Shank and Seared Rack of Colorado Lamb with red bliss potatoes, carrots, onions, and au jus filled my plate nicely displayed on a covered while linen table with soft candlelight torches and a beautiful orchid centerpiece. The attentive server made sure that my glass of wine was always full and that my palate was satisfied! My very first night of divine luxury! Fantastic company, beautiful music, and mouth-watering culinary delights.

The next few days were as wonderful as the first. A nice cup of strong coffee, a bowl of assorted fruits and the latest newspaper was my requirement for each morning. Sitting on my very own private terrace overlooking the sherbet-green seas, I sipped on my espresso and tasted fresh fruits while trying to connect, even for just a minute to the world outside, however, the distraction of the sound of the ocean and the birds kept me in place… the smile on my face did not dissipate at the thought of envisioning living this life forever! Came two o’clock and I was already heading to SpaTerra for an amazing treatment. I opted for their Sacred Stone Massage, a fabulous full body massage with heated stones that helps penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles allowing them to relax into a state of bliss. After this treatment, I was feeling like new! the perfect day to embrace the beauty of the island, its green foliage and do a little shopping to take back home with me.

Leaving the island was hard enough, but knowing that Little Palm Island Resort & Spa was just a boat ride away made me realize that when in need of the best, Little Palm Island Resort will be my place to go. Discover an island oasis, I did.