The Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, can barely keep up with the demand for their newest form of romantic luxury accommodations.  Honeymooners are booking months in advance to experience one of Sandals’ 12 Bungalows and 5 Villas poised high over the water in the shape of heart. For those seeking “One Love,” Sandals Over Water accommodations feel all right.

Royal Caribbean’s Over Water architecture thrills with villas maxing out at 2,000-square-feet, glass vision floors revealing exotic marine life, and gigantic indoor/outdoor baths with rainfall showers and huge soaking tubs. Sandals exceeds expectations with 24-hour butler service, liquor cabinets stocked with top-shelf spirits, and VIP access to this private island adventure.

Beyond the obvious romance implications, your Over Water villa or bungalow is all about the deepest form of relaxation. Your quarters feature a premium king-sized bed, two-tiered sun decks, lounge chairs, hammocks, and a wall-to-wall surround of turquoise Caribbean Sea. Half the fun of a Sandals Over Water stay is the anticipation leading up to your floating vacation. Let’s look at what guests experience before, during, and after their Over Water stay.

Getting There – Your Over Water Intro
One of the best parts of choosing the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort is its convenience. The Royal Caribbean is just a 10-minute drive from Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport. Guests staying in an Over Water Bungalow or Villa enjoy complimentary BMW private transfers to and from the airport.

Upon arriving at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, guests are introduced to one of their two 24-hour butlers. The butler helps guests board a private water taxi that glides to your Over Water oasis.

The anticipation builds as you view your romantic getaway from a distance, and then on to a long walkway positioned on stilts. Your heat pumps in double time as you spy the bungalow and villas with their thatched roofs and spacious decks just ahead.

First Impression – The Big Reveal
You’ve seen the photos, watched on YouTube, and imagined these first few Over Water minutes for months. As the butler leads you through an initial walkthrough it’s okay if your head is spinning in delight.

Indoors and outdoors become one in your Over Water retreat. Privacy and open-air exhilaration merge in harmonious Jamaican splendor.

After the walkthrough your butler hands you a cell phone. Press the phone symbol twice if you need anything. It’s time to decompress while enjoying the most luxurious level of island time imaginable.

Sandals Royal Caribbean resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Incredible Interior
As your butler temporarily bids farewell until you need an appetizer, special cocktail, or custom dinner, it’s time to absorb what Over Water is like from the inside out. It’s hard to ignore the glass floor that presents waves of turquoise beneath your feet. Your villas interior, including the floor, can be illuminated with the press of a button.

You discover that your king-sized bed is equipped with a special comfort technology. This premium sleep, combined with the sounds of ocean waves, promises a slumber that is revitalizing.

Your kitchenette is stocked with the finest premium liquors. If your favorite spirit isn’t within arm’s reach, your butler is just a phone call away. The indoor/outdoor baths are massive and include an infinity soaking tub. You have the option of opening an outside wall to maximize your view and breathe in the fresh Caribbean air.

Sandals Royal Caribbean resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Outdoor Outstanding
Your Over Water exterior includes double decks, along with stylish ergonomic chairs and hammocks for reading, tanning, cocktailing or sea gazing. If this is your first Jamaica getaway, Montego Bay’s emerald meets turquoise version of the Caribbean Sea will be ingrained in your memory long after you return home.

If you need to stretch a bit, Sandals Royal Caribbean includes Sandals Cay, the resort’s own 2 ½ acre private island. In the evening, the island also hosts The Royal Thai restaurant that offers exquisite Thai cuisine under the stars.

Sandals Royal Caribbean resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Excursions and Amenities
If you wish to explore beyond your bungalow or villa, realize that Over Water guests have access to both Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Montego Bay, a sister resort located just a five-minute shuttle drive away.

Sandals Montego Bay is home to nine restaurants, as well as the Red Lane Spa. Your butler can arrange dinner reservations and spa treatments.

Sandals guests can also take advantage of water sports ranging from scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing.

Over Water Farewell
In the last stanza of the Bob Marley song “One Love,” the words say, “As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.” As you hop in the water taxi one last time and head for home, you turn back toward your bungalow and realize that the thrill of those first few Over Water minutes are matched only by the memories you’re bringing back home.

During those initial Over Water moments, it was your head that was spinning in delight. As you sail away on the water taxi, this time it’s your heart that is smitten. Marley’s words seem to resonate as you think, “This Over Water get together feels all right.”