Santorini is well known for being one of the most visually appealing and romantic of all the Greek islands. And, when you see its white-washed buildings and stunning volcanoes set against bright blue skies, it’s easy to understand why. Whether you want a beautiful setting for a romantic break or special occasion, are passionate about photography, or just appreciate gorgeous views, Santorini is a destination that shouldn’t be missed.  If you need more convincing, we’ve put together some of the most compelling reasons to put Santorini on your travel bucket list.

Santorini, Greece
Beautiful sunset in Santorini, Greece

#1. The Best Sunsets in the World:

Santorini is argued to have some of the most stunning sunsets in the entire world, with the sun appearing to melt into the sea in a gorgeous golden and amber haze. Oia is the main destination known for viewing unforgettable sunsets, and visitors flock there every single evening just to get this experience. There are regular coach trips to Oia and plenty of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the sunset over dinner or drinks. Or if you want a quiet, crowd-free sunset viewing experience, head to Firostefani just down the road where you can see views that are just as spectacular without having to fight for space.

Santorini, Greece

#2. It’s Super Romantic:

If you are looking for the perfect destination to take your significant other on the trip of a lifetime, then Santorini will certainly not disappoint. Whether you need a romantic break away to spend some quality time with one another, are planning to pop the question, or want a stunning place for a destination wedding, Santorini is a perfect choice. The stunning sunsets, delicious wine, gorgeous buildings, and fantastic beaches are just some of the things that make Santorini the perfect romantic destination for a breakaway with your special somebody.

The Tsitouras Collection hotel in Santorini Greece
The Tsitouras Collection hotel in Santorini Greece

#3. Amazing Hotels and Villas:

If you want to stay in a destination that feels like you are sat right in the lap of luxury, then Santorini has everything that you need. Choose from a wide range of stunning, luxurious hotel and villa options that provide you with everything you need for a memorable five-star stay, whether it’s an in-room jacuzzi, 24-hour room service, or an infinity pool in Santorini, you’re sure to find everything you’ve been dreaming of for the perfect luxury holiday. Check out the Blue Villas stunning collection of private, luxurious stays on this romantic island at – perfect for couples, families, and groups of friends.

Red beach on Santorini island, Greece.
Red Beach on Santorini island, Greece.

#4. Fascinating Landscapes:

Most of Santorini is built on the rim of an old, extinct volcano known as the caldera, which is why it’s filled with towns that look as though they could fall down the hillside at any moment. This unique effect is remarkable to look at and makes for some gorgeous photographs, however, bear in mind that it does also mean that the roads and pathways can be very steep. Some areas have cable cars or you can get up the hillside by donkey. And there’s a live volcano which you can take a day trip to visit by boat.

Dinner with seafood and red wine in Santorini Greece
Dinner with seafood and red wine in Santorini Greece

#5. Sumptuous Food and Wine:

If you are a foodie, then you’ll love the array of culinary options that are on offer in Santorini, all of which can be washed down with the tasty local wine. Fish and seafood lovers, in particular, will be delighted by the dishes on offer, but if the catch of the day isn’t for you, you can also find a delicious menu of Greek favorites as well, such as Moussaka and Souvlaki. You can choose from a wide range of traditional, taverna-style eateries, or you can find stunning upmarket restaurants if you’re looking for a touch of luxury, particularly in places like Oia. And when it comes to the wine, it’s well worth visiting a local vineyard to taste some of the award-winning favorites.

Beach Perissa in Santorini Greece.
Beach Perissa in Santorini Greece.

#6. Exciting Water Sports:

If getting into the water and having some fun is your idea of an amazing holiday, then you’ll love the array of water sport options on offer in Santorini. Kamari and Perissa are the two main hotspots for making a splash, and you’ll find stunning black volcanic sand beaches where you can take part in activities like diving, banana boating, wind-kiting, water-skiing and much more. And, the beaches here are lined with excellent bars and restaurants that make for the perfect place to relax, wind down and satisfy the appetite that you’ve worked up on the waves.

Romantic holiday in Santorini Island, Greece
Romantic holiday in Santorini Island, Greece.

#7. The Location:

Finally, Santorini is the perfect base location for anybody who would rather explore more of Greece than simply stay in the same place. From Santorini, you can catch ferries to mainland ports like Rafina and Piraeus, or go island hopping and explore Paros, Naxos, Anafi, Los, Crete and many more.

If you’re looking for a picturesque, exciting and romantic holiday that you’ll never forget, then Santorini ticks all the boxes for an unforgettable trip. There’s so much to see and do for every type of holidaymaker.