For an activity that involves worms, hours of waiting, and trying to grab a slimy fish with your hands, it may not seem likely that anyone could connect luxury and fishing, but alas, it is quite possible indeed.

Whether you’re a pro angler or someone who is just getting into it as a hobby, many people have made fishing part of their adventure vacations or destination vacations. Not only is it a great way to see the world, but also a way to catch a bunch of fish you may not have had the chance of fishing for earlier.

If you’re looking to go on some family fishing trip and make fishing your next big vacation, check out the following list so you can go ahead and get started on your adventure.

Sunset over the fishing pier at the lake in rural Finland
You can enjoy a beautiful sunset at the lake fishing pier in rural Finland.


Situated as the easternmost of the three Scandinavian countries, Finland is a fisher’s paradise. Just remember to bring a thick coat when you’re packing up all of your fishing gear.

Fishing has long been a part of Finnish life, as over a tenth of the small country is made up of various bodies of water. It is estimated that one of three Finnish natives actively fish, so it sounds like you’re already in the right company. There are plenty of companies that offer luxury fishing vacations around Finland. The trips will take you out on any of the various lakes in the area or into the Baltic Sea.

It’s best to take a boat, as you’ll be able to get into deeper waters and have a more varied catch. Summer is typically the best time to head to Finland, but fishing is a year-round sport.

Nimmo Bay Canada. Photo courtesy of Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort
Nimmo Bay, Canada. Photo courtesy of Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort.

Nimmo Bay, Canada

If you’re looking for wide-open spaces, you’ve come to the right place. Situated within the 15.8 million-acre Great Bear Rainforest, you likely find plenty of wildlife as well as plenty of fish.

Space is limited along Nimmo Bay, and you can see why. Many visitors love to partake in helicopter tours, as they take them to oft-secluded parts of the area where they can fish for salmon, char, trout, and more.

It’s best to visit Nimmo Bay during late summer up until early autumn, as tours are more frequent at this point of the year, and the fishing is simply better!

Fly fishing in a wild river in Ninilchik, Alaska
Fly fishing in a wild river in Ninilchik, Alaska.


Head to America’s frontier. Alaska is already noted as one of the best spots in the country for fishing. You could probably argue with some out there over the pros and cons of fishing in Alaska vs. fishing in sunny Florida.

Alaska is full of fantastic fishing resorts and lodges that make a whole week or weekend trip just for you and your group. Boat rentals are the most popular options for many, as you’ll head out into the Gulf of Alaska for up to five days at a time.

Lodges and resorts fill up quickly, with some taking an incredibly limited number of people. Make sure you are reserving your trip with plenty of time ahead of you because if you wait, all places will be gone. Once again, it’s best to go to Alaska during the summer to best enjoy wildlife and nature.

Fly Fishing at Blackberry Farm Lodge in Tennessee. Photo courtesy of Blackberry Farm Lodge.

Blackberry Farm, Tennessee

While we’re moving away from the typical fishing places, Blackberry Farm is renowned for its luxury and world-class resorts. If you’re a fly fisher, then this is the place you’ll want to be.

The fishing lodge was founded in 2001 and is perfect for both experts and beginners alike. Situated in the Smoky Mountains, the resort offers access to over 1,000 miles of rivers and streams for guests. The lodge also offers float trips during the summer months. Unlike our past two places, visitors recommend heading up to Blackberry Farm during the fall months when you’re more likely to snag a brown trout.

Glovers Reef Atoll, Belize
Glovers Reef Atoll, Belize.


Head down to warm waters and check out Belize. This tiny Central American country is home to some of the best fishing in the area. Visitors often head to Belize in search of bonefish, who are usually found paroling the waters away from the white-sand beaches.

You’ll have to rent a boat with a guide to head out and travel amongst the various private islands and small inlets. Fishing may not even be the best part, as you’ll have plenty of time to relax on the beaches, ignoring your work phone and finally finishing that book.