From breathtaking hiking trails through Patagonia to Amazon rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife, from Inca temples to cosmopolitan metropolises, South America has so many interesting places to visit. If you’ve met someone special on a dating site like this and are considering Latin America as a destination for a romantic break, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Here are five of the most recommended locations.

Rio de Janeiro carnival is one of the most romantic destinations in South America

Rio de Janeiro: carnival city

What better way to embark on your romantic South American excursion than a visit to Rio, Brazil’s second most populous city and home of the annual Carnival? Marking Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter, this is the world’s largest street carnival, with official processions for spectators to enjoy, and a series of less flamboyant parades which are open to the public. Here you can relish the sights and colors of the costumes, and soak up the Latin rhythms of the samba dancers. The crowds are an integral part of these joyous celebrations, as you’ll find out when you and your partner join in the fun.

Amazon rainforest, one of the most romantic destinations in South America

Amazon rainforest: seven million square km of natural wonders

One of the most truly remarkable natural locations on the planet, the Amazon rainforest, is home to some 400 billion trees and diverse animal species. Around one in ten living creatures have their habitat inside this area, including 2.5 million insects. Not all of these animals are human-friendly, so you would be well advised to book an official tour in order to avoid close encounters with jaguars or anacondas. Nevertheless, a trip up the vast Amazon river would produce a neverending panorama of photo opportunities, as brightly-colored parrots squawk from the foliage, and acrobatic monkeys scurry through the treetops.

Buenos Aires Argentina is one of the most romantic destinations in South America

Buenos Aires: classical architecture and fiery dance

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a bustling metropolis of over 15 million people, located where the mighty River Plate meets the Atlantic. An incredibly diverse and multicultural conurbation, you can take in neoclassical, Greco-Roman or Art Deco architecture, then seek refuge from the crowds in one of the countless cafes or restaurants where you can savor traditional dishes such as Asado (grilled meat), empanadas (fried pastries) or puchero (a mouth-watering stew.) At night-time, you can revel in the atmosphere, or try your hand at one of the fiery local dances, such as the tango.

Fernando de Noronha a Brazilian archipelago is one of the most romantic destinations in South America

Fernando de Noronha: paradise archipelago

A truly romantic location for a getaway is Fernando de Noronha, a Brazilian archipelago of 21 islands about 354km off the continent’s Atlantic coast. After a boat trip here, your reward will be spending a few hours in a tropical paradise, with towering islets sheltering azure-colored bays. The area is also a maritime reserve where you can encounter a variety of animals if you decide to go boating or snorkeling. As well as numerous colorful bird species there are turtles, lemon sharks and exotic birds flitting through the undergrowth.

The Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the most romantic destinations in South America

Atacama Desert: Chile’s otherworldly landscape

Sprawling over 1,000km between the Andes mountain range and Chile’s Pacific coastline, the Atacama is a fabulous location for any lovestruck couple. This untouched landscape is as far removed from the continent’s vibrant cities or lush forests, presenting a barren backdrop of rolling crags, volcanoes, shimmering lakes, and vast salt flats. It’s no surprise this vast desert region has doubled for the surface of Mars in various dramas and documentaries. When the sun dips over the western horizon, prepared to be dazzled as the star-spangled skies sprawl above you, unhindered by light pollution. The Paranal Observatory, containing amongst the world’s most powerful astronomical telescopes, trains its sights on the seemingly endless starscape above.