The Bentayga is already a big favorite amongst Bentley buyers being everything that the fabled British marque stands for, albeit within the canvas of a massive SUV. SUVs are the new language of automotive luxury and the Bentayga EWB takes a step further in that direction with this new flagship iteration. It’s longer and equipped with even more luxury with a sharp agenda to pamper the rear seat occupants rather than thrill the driver with its acceleration.  Bentleys are known to be driver’s cars but the EWB has a steely-eyed gaze on the rear passengers with lots of attention being lavished on them. Yet on the outside, there is a cloak of civility within the sportier silhouette of the Bentayga while the extended length adds a graceful touch to the overall design. The wheelbase has been duly stretched by 180mm with the rear cabin space benefiting the most. Space is now eclipsing limousine levels and brings in a vast amount of room to stretch out. 

The Bentley Bentayga EWB rear

There are three different seat configurations along with a myriad of features while the seat adjusts in around 22 ways! Along with that, there is a new system that monitors the climate/ventilation and wellness of the passengers by constantly sensing occupant temperature and surface humidity. Then even the seat would be micro adjusted for optimum posture too with the occupant’s seating position and pressure points being tweaked. The Airline Seat Specification also brings a relaxed mode which turns the seat into a first-class airline seat along with a footrest to relax your feet on. The rear cabin has its separate ionizer, drinks cooler, rear-seat entertainment, remote to access functions, and power closing doors. It is clearly one of the most luxurious places to be and takes the fight straight to its British arch-rival!

The Bentley Bentayga EWB dashboard and front seats

Being a Bentley, it is also beyond technology with craftsmanship being carefully looked at as its interiors are always lovely to sit or even look at. Diamonds are symmetrically trimmed over the center console using a new digital craftsmanship stitching design. Metal veneers further mark a new way of showcasing handmade bespoke luxury. Buyers get near unlimited customization options with nearly 24 billion trim combinations alone (and a total number of possible specifications running into the trillions). It’s the most personalized Bentayga with the best bits of what Bentley can do.

The Bentley Bentayga EWB back seats

 Electronic Wheel Steering and a 48V active anti-roll control system are tuned to make life easy on the move while being chauffeured the noise levels are now being further curbed. Bentley claims that the Bentayga EWB is quieter inside than its competitors, by between 4% and 26% depending on frequency and position inside the car. In short, this is clearly a Bentley to be chauffeured in but on that rare day when the owner slips behind the wheel, the 4.0-liter, turbocharged V8 petrol engine would suffice in terms of outright power being deployed in a restrained manner.

BentaygThe Bentley Bentayga EWB seat with tv screen

We firmly believe that the EWB version will take the lion’s share in terms of total Bentayga sales as it brings in a new layer of luxury and decadence to an already proven SUV recipe.