Belizean rum distillery, Copalli, has launched a new cocoa-flavored expression.t, Copalli Cacao, is a single-estate, organic rum infused with cocoa nibs from plants grown by the Copal Tree Distillery, in southern Belize. It is recommended to drink straight, on the rocks, or a Chocolate Espresso Martini.

Copalli Cacao is based on the award-winning Copalli White Rum, naturally infused with proprietary, organic cacao, and cut with soft rainforest canopy water,’ said Jon Welch of Copalli Rum. ‘The fresh and fruity cane-juice rum works in perfect harmony with sumptuous dark chocolate notes.”

Only 2,000 bottles of Copalli Cacao have been produced from the estate’s latest harvest.

Exclusive Venezuelan rum producer Diplomático has also launched its new super-premium Selección de Familia. Made from molasses and sugar cane honey, distilled in 90% copper pot stills and 10% batch kettle and column stills, it’s aged for up to 12 years in American white oak, ex-bourbon, and ex-sherry casks.

“A passion for artisanal rum-making traditions flows through our family’s veins,’ said José Rafael Ballesteros Melendez, chief executive officer of Diplomático. ‘We have used our skills and knowledge to create a distinguished rum that evokes this unique character, and this is why we have called it Diplomático Selección de Familia.”

At a recent virtual tasting of the new launch, Diplomático master rum maker Nelson Hernandez commented:  ‘You can feel the influence of Jerez sherry cask, oak, honey, dried fruit, and vanilla. It’s the picture of our passion.”

diplomatico seleccion de familia rum

He added that on the nose, “the rum offers notes of honey, black tea-soaked raisins and banana; this bold, deep honeyed character continues on the palate along with notes of warming spices, dried fruit, and vanilla, all supported by a pleasant astringent streak.”

 Diplomático brand ambassador Jon Lister explained that the rum has a ‘spicy, more challenging’ character that ‘encourages playing around with stirred drinks.’ He recommends using Selección de Familia in a Sazerac, Manhattan, or  Old Fashioned.