Raakani is a luxurious restaurant in the Maldives that draws on the culinary riches of the seas and offers a breathtaking seafront dining experience for its guests. They have recently been recognized by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Dining Experience in the Maldives. We spoke with Mr. Ahmed Siaar, General Manager of Raakani, about Raakani’s philosophy, the state of the hospitality industry in the Maldives, and the company’s intended future.  

Another Exquisite dish at Raakani Restaurant in the Maldives

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us Mr. Siaar. Tell us about the current hospitality industry in the Maldives?
The hospitality industry in The Maldives has bounced back, and it is fantastic to witness things as they were, pre-pandemic. We re-opened in November 2020 and since then, have been incredibly busy welcoming different nationalities to our exquisite little island.    

A plate serving at Raakani Restaurant in the Maldives

Tell us a little bit about your journey as general manager at Raakani from the beginning to now?
Being the General Manager of Fushifaru Maldives is an immense responsibility that brings me so much joy. Our Boutique Resort has come far, and so has our fine-dining restaurant Raakani. Although Raakani’s setting remains the same, the menu and concept of the Restaurant have involved and improved immensely over the course of years, to offer an incredible fine dining experience to guests. 

Raakani Restaurant in the Maldives

How has the pandemic changed the hospitality industry in the Maldives?
As previously mentioned, even though we have somewhat recovered from the pandemic, it will forever teach us a lesson to always be prepared and to be flexible to change. One thing that I am happy about is that the Fushifaru Team has remained the same, with many faces from before the pandemic. Despite the challenges, we’ve succeeded to maintain the team spirit and keep morale high. 

Nice table setting at Raakani Restaurant in the maldives

How do you conceptualize Raakani?
Raakani is conceptualized as the ultimate beachfront dining experience. “Overlooking a glimmering sea, dine under a thatched pavilion while feasting on the fresh catch of the day, grilled meats, and seafood platters. “ 

The option of eating right on the sand at Raakani Restaurant in the Maldives

Who or what was the inspiration behind Raakani’s aesthetic and menu?
Raakani draws on the culinary riches of the seas and offers a spectacular seafront dining experience. The inspiration behind Raalani’s aesthetic and menu is quite simple: the sea! 

A romantic dinning setting from Raakani Restaurant in the Maldives

How imperative is excellence in client service to Raakani?
Excellence in client service is of utmost importance at Raakani. Like the fine dining destination on the island, it is imperative that unparalleled service wows our guests as they indulge in a feast with their feet in the sand. 

Beautiful resort in the Maldives where Raakani Restaurant is

How do you accomplish such a high-ranking level of service at Raakani?
Through hiring talent across the globe and training and building up our Fushifaru Residents with our core values as well as the principles of excellent service.  

What is most rewarding about working in your industry?
The most rewarding thing for me is building a fantastic team spirit and culture for our Residents, making sure they are happy and fulfilled in their jobs and that they themselves feel at home on our exquisite island. I believe that is the secret to the best service in the hospitality industry. 

walk on the beach at The Maldives by Raakani Restaurant

How are your bookings looking for 2022?
Bookings are flying in for 2022. We are expecting a calmer low season, so we can relax a little in time for the busy festive season, which is already fully booked! 

What future projections do you see for Raakani’s development?
Raakani’s development will surely be an exciting one from here onwards. We are looking forward to experimenting with different ideas, exploring different menus, and expanding our culinary offerings. 

What are your main values at Raakani?
Raakani’s values are those of Hospitality, Authenticity, and Excellence. 

Lastly, how do you feel about winning a Luxury Lifestyle Award?
I am truly honored that our fine dining Restaurant, Raakani, has received this international recognition. 


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