2022 is a year that looks oddly familiar to 2021 with all of the surges in the pandemic and an ever-changing work-from-home landscape that shows no signs of slowing. Trends such as quiet places and maximalism can be seen as a correlation to this shift. 

In addition to the work from home trends, 2022 should be a year of combining old trends with new and darker, bolder colors that perhaps demonstrate the prevailing mood we all feel – somewhat melancholic and brooding. This article discusses those trends in more detail and tells you how you can explain the design of your dreams to a luxury interior design firm in Denver without worrying about whether they can make your dreams come true. 

Chic Chocolate Hues 

Chocolate browns and lighter caramel hues are popular for those looking to design their interior in 2022. This goes both for paint and decor items such as pillows and linens. The warmer tones create a more welcoming atmosphere and offset the oversaturation of various gray shades. Consumers will no longer desire interiors heavily marked by gray focal points. It has become cookie cutter to most looking to invigorate their interior. Chocolate and various shades of brown offer a contemporary break from the stuffy look of the gray trends of the past. 

classic canopy, an interior design trend

Classic Canopy Beds 

With the emergence of more classic and stately homes in 2022, canopy beds have a significant chance of making a comeback. The maximal style of decorating that is classic but also contemporary is making a comeback, especially in towns with older architecture. 


Trends ping pong back and forth between time periods. Minimalism is still popular, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where it hasn’t reached its height. Maximalism is bound to come back and with people having been more confined over the past two years, 2022 could see an uptick in people being a little ‘extra’ with their interior design. Whether floral velvet, bullion fringe, or 19th-century French commodes, richly hued palettes with layers of color and texture should take over in the new year. Textures such as mohair should also make a comeback. 

interior design trends

Dark Kitchens 

Kitchens are getting darker and darker as we progress further into the millennium. It’s easy to play with these shades to create a theme throughout the kitchen. Leathered stones, granite, marble, and quartz combined with matte and bumpy textures can hide messes, and create a sleeker appearance for guests. 

Combining the Old and New 

We are in an era that somewhat lacks identity, and for that reason, much of our design elements pull from both old and new design styles. In 2022, expect to see more people reworking vintage and heritage finds while incorporating custom furniture pieces to make a truly unique style that is your own. Furniture made locally with reasonable sourcing times will likely be the most popular furnishings. Interior designs will likely adhere to this trend, trying to offer more custom pieces designed by boutique firms themselves to try and feature a more exclusive line for their clients. There will all be limited runs for furniture to create higher demand and uniqueness. 

Quiet Living Spaces 

The Quiet Room is somewhat of a new concept for most homeowners. You should be able to have a retreat in your own home, especially with the emerging work from home culture. Every day should involve some level of recovery. The Quiet Room concept isn’t just for introverts. It can be useful for anyone looking to get away from the stress for a moment and recenter. All it requires is a little planning and soul searching to determine what to put in the room that excites you. Do you like drawing, stitching, knitting? Anything that sounds relaxing is what you should incorporate into your Quiet place. 

A Cozy Palette

Clients are more willing to incorporate moody colors into their homes nowadays as opposed to stark whites and colder colors. Striking colors such as aubergine, hunter green, black, and warmer alternatives to white such as taupe, beige, and cream all make spaces feel a little more expressive and they are cozier, as well.

Bold Brings It In 

Darker colors will gain popularity in 2022. Maybe it’s an expression of how people are feeling, maybe it’s a sign of the times, maybe people are just bored of the same old design elements. Whatever the reason, think of wallcoverings and fabrics that incorporate bold blues and bright citrines, combined with rich espresso and slate finishes. 

Joy In the Everyday

Spaces that embrace the surrounding elements will be more popular in 2022. Even though these spaces will have durable finishes and functional elements, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and sculleries will take on new forms as places to display collections and areas to be enjoyed throughout the day. These areas will catch your eye while provoking thoughts and recalling memories to mind. 

The Devil Is Not In the Details 

2022 is all about people wanting to have more fun at home and being willing to use bolder combinations of patterns, colors, and decorative elements. You should watch for interiors that are exuberant but sophisticated. Don’t let the details bog you down. But you should also still pay attention to them. Details are what make the room uniquely yours. 

Give Banquettes a Chance 

Banquettes (the booth-looking seating options in kitchens) should be hot ticket items during 2022. This seating option is a great space saver and creates cozy nooks with plenty of seating options for groups of various sizes. 

Conclusion- Interior Design Trends

The interior design trends for 2022 are somewhat all over the place, as has been the past two years. What’s clear is that we are in a period of flux. With many people working from home, minimalism has come under some fire. After all, who wants to stare at a blank wall in an empty room all day. 

Maximalism could see a rebirth as well as combining classic interior design principles with contemporary trends.