Motopanfilo 37M, the new yacht from Benetti features materials and fabrics by Loro Piana interiors. Yes, this is a collaboration between Benetti and Loro Piana Interiors in which the Maison has fitted out both the interiors and part of the exteriors of the new Benetti yacht. 1960s yachting tradition plays a big part in the Motopanfilo 37M’s focus on light and space with constant eye contact with the sea and by large water-level terraces. Designed by Lazzarini Pickering Architetti, the fabrics chosen are classics for summer on the water plus linen. For the furnishings on the Motopanfilo, Lazzarini Pickering Architetti has chosen linens by Loro Piana Interiors in warm white “Biancore” tones with blue and malachite accents. Connemara, full-bodied and hard-wearing linen, is used for the upholstery and bed covers, while Papeete linen, in Malachite, is the choice for sommiers and pillows.

Benetti Motopanfilo 37M Yacht

Millwood, Devondale, and Darjeeling striped linens have their white base color with shades of blue in various stripe widths and combinations. The same linens are also used for the large decorative cushions found throughout the yacht’s living areas. The decor also has fire-resistant technical fabrics for outdoor use, these too featuring blue and white stripes.

“The Benetti Motopanfilo 37M is the second major Azimut|Benetti project we have worked on after the Magellano,” explains Francesco Pergamo, head of the Loro Piana Interiors Division. “Once again, our brief was to work on a yacht whose stylistic hallmarks are elegance, clean lines, and interiors devoted to pleasure and conviviality. These values are also part of our own brand DNA and the result on the Motopanfilo 37M is a very natural and genuine partnership. The fabrics chosen by Lazzarini Pickering Architetti are some of our most versatile and best-performing materials, perfect for life at sea onboard a yacht. Seeing them employed with such understated elegance gives us great satisfaction.”

Benetti Motopanfilo 37M Yacht

Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering commented: “We are honored to be able to present to the press and nautical industry the Motopanfilo 37M. As you will discover, the yacht has an unprecedented sense of internal and external space for a boat of this size.

Loro Piana Interiors expresses the artisan sense of industry that is an essential and unique part of Italian Design and Production that combines research, design, quality; reveling in new challenges and inventing technological developments with an extraordinary eye and elegance, attention to quality and is also a perfect expression of Italian savoir-faire. Luxury is a now widely abused adjective but we believe the Motopanfilo 37M and its design express a new meaning for the word in yachting. She’s the unique expression of two Italian companies that express what true luxury and the Italian ‘way of life’ really mean.”

Benetti Motopanfilo 37M yacht

For its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 7 to 12), the furnishing accessories on the Motopanfilo 37M, chosen in collaboration with Lazzarini Pickering Architetti, will also be by Loro Piana Interiors: cashmere plaids, outdoor carpets, and fabrics for interiors.