Welcome to the breathtaking Scottish islands of Orkney! With its powerful winds, majestic cliffs, and captivating landscapes, Orkney is a place like no other. Nestled amidst this extraordinary backdrop is the iconic Highland Park Distillery, a true testament to resilience and craftsmanship since 1798.

Picture this: the salty sea winds, the flavorful peat, and the finest sherry-seasoned oak casks coming together to create Highland Park’s oldest release yet. Introducing the Highland Park 54-year-old single malt scotch whisky, a true masterpiece crafted by the talented Gordon Motion. This limited edition treasure, with only 225 bottles available worldwide, celebrates the whisky house’s 225th year of existence.

Immerse yourself in the journey behind this remarkable whisky creation. Four refill butts and six refill hogsheads, laid down in 1968, were handpicked by Motion for their exceptional qualities. After maturing for 14 years in first-fill European sherry-seasoned butts, the whiskies blended into a complex masterpiece. Imagine the deep russet hues, the intriguing aromas, and the rich flavors that await you.

Highland Park 54. Courtesy of Highland Park
@ Highland Park

Gordon Motion, the master distiller, expressed his pride in nurturing this extraordinary creation. Representing a quarter of Highland Park’s remarkable history, this 54-year-old single malt captures the essence of Orkney and marks a true milestone for the distillery.

Prepare to be enchanted by the tasting notes. Senior brand ambassador Martin Markvardsen describes the whisky’s stunning vintage oak and delicate smoke, accompanied by hints of lychee, camphor, and jasmine profiles. The experience is heightened by the bespoke embossed bottle, showcasing the unique texture and resembling the volcanic origins of Orkney’s islands. Each bottle is housed in a Scottish oak presentation box, handcrafted by the renowned designer John Galvin to mirror the dramatic Yesnaby cliffs. No two boxes are alike, each possessing its own color variations.

The Highland Park 54-year-old is a truly exclusive offering, available only to selected private clients or upon special request. And if the whisky experience isn’t enough, an invitation for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Orkney awaits, completing this luxurious package.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Highland Park 54-year-old, where the heritage of Orkney meets the artistry of whisky-making.