Now, more than ever, people that own private jets are opting to charter a plane, because their own aircraft might be unavailable at the time due to maintenance.  Also, their personal pilot may not be permitted to travel to certain destinations and may demand a smaller or larger jet for that trip. One company at the forefront is Villiers Jets.

 Booking a private jet has never been so simple. With Villiers Jets, you basically search for a jet (over 9,000 to choose from), book a flight, receive unbeatable jet charter quotes, and fly. No more waiting. There are Private VIP Terminals and incomparable flexibility. You can be aboard a Villiers Jet within a few hours.

Another benefit of flying with Villiers Jets is their Jet Club Membership. When you fly with Villiers, you earn Jet Club Points, which can be redeemed against future flights. Receive exclusive offers. The Jet Club Membership is free and is available to all Villiers Clients.

Customers are pleased with Villiers Jets’ overall 5-star reviews on Google and their ability to provide clients with personalized service in a timely manner. Villiers Jet Agents are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re traveling with kids and pets, Villiers Jets will be more than happy to accommodate you. They also have catering available at your request.

Fruits, sushi, caviar, smoked salmon, grilled or roasted chicken. Pizza has been a favorite as well. Some of the drinks of choice are cocktails, bottled water, energy drinks, and orange juice. And of course, let’s not forget standard favorites like wine and champagne. Whatever your heart desires.

Fly across the world on Villiers Jets to places such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Manchester, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, etc. These are just some of the places that you travel to when you fly with Villiers.

Villiers clients can book an empty leg (an unused return flight), depending on their terminal. There are many flights to choose from.

The security of our frequent fliers has always been one of our top priorities. Villiers Jets only uses certified aircraft and will make every attempt to ensure the safety of their clients.

Time is our most valuable asset. And you can be assured that when boarding a Villiers Jet, you will reach your destination in an orderly manner. So you can relax and enjoy the many perks of flying with Villiers.

Villiers Jets travels to some of the world’s busiest private airports. Paris Le Bourget, France. London Luton Airport in the UK. Vans Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, and Maktoum International Airport in Dubai are just some of the terminals that Villiers Jets frequented on a regular basis. And your privacy is guaranteed.

The interior of these jets is immaculate. As I stated earlier, Villiers Jets has over 9,000 aircraft to choose from. One jet that caught my attention was the Legacy 500. It is spacious. This jet can seat eight passengers and will allow the movement of wheelchairs. There is plenty of headroom when you are seated. Clients can customize the interior features to their liking. The panels give you flight status information, overhead lighting, and access to cabin control. It has a table that unfolds from the side compartment, so passengers can dine, conduct business meetings, etc. You can turn two seats back to back, which it can be converted into a bed. Villiers has an Instagram photo of a red jet!

Some of the biggest names in entertainment have bought themselves a luxury private jet. And some are actual pilots, and fly their own jets. Mark Cuban owns two jets, the Gulfstream 500, and a Boeing 767, in which his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, travels from city to city during the season. Actor John Travolta has 6 aircraft, which include three Gulf Stream jets, a USAir Boeing 727, the Boeing 707-138, and a Bombardier Challenger CL-601. He is also a pilot and has been flying since he was 22 years old. Other entertainers who own private jets are Kim Kardashian, Celine Dion, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z and Beyonce, Harrison Ford, and Tom Cruise. Both of these individuals have also obtained their pilot’s licenses.

Flying on a business trip? The Boeing Business Jet is a favorite among business executives. Amenities include luxurious lounges service kitchens, meeting rooms, conference facilities, bathrooms with a shower, and custom furniture. The BBJ 737 includes a queen-sized double bed with a seat belt. It is also segmented in which you can conduct business meetings with different groups in your organization. The altitude of the plane can be lowered thanks to the Cabin Control Feature. Clients will appreciate this, especially after a long flight.

As the World’s Largest Private Jets Network, Villiers Jets Service is unparalleled.