The Gulfstream G650

With over fifty-years in the business, Gulfstream is continuing to only improve their airplanes in both what is seen by the naked eye, as well as the many enhancements done to the things not necessarily seen, such as safety features and overall cutting-edge technology. Having started with rather humble beginnings, more than 2,100 Gulfstream jets are now in more than seventy five countries, has more than fourteen thousand employees in twelve locations around the world, and is known to be one of the prominent choices for both heads of states and corporate CEOs.

G650 Ground Beauty Shots

Originally introduced in 2008, the Gulfstream G650 is the flagship of their fleet, and a remarkable example of having an ultra high speed and ultra long-range business jet together in one sleek package. For jets in this class, the G650 has a cabin that is longer, wider and taller than almost any of the other options, along with having the distinct advantage of traveling up to 7,000 nautical miles nonstop thanks to the Rolls-Royce BR725 engines taking you closer to the speed of sound than any other traditional business jet. At $65 Million, it’s a steal for the many advantages that come with Gulfstream’s pride and joy.

For those that desire the most advanced technology, look no further than the G650, complete with advanced safety features such as Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II™, the Head-Up Display (HUD) II and the Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD). Its Planeview II™ cockpit comes equipped with a Triplex Flight Management System, Automatic Emergency Descent Mode, 3-D weather radar and Advanced Flight Controls. For those looking for a standard customization of the interior, Gulfstream offers twelve floor planes to provide the best use of space for each jet ordered.

The Boeing Business Jet 747-8 VIP

In the cases when money is not an issue, the world’s most elite look to Boeing Business Jets for the ultimate in customized luxury. With the initial price tag being in the area of $300 Million, purchasing this plane is not a spontaneous buy. Though these are still very rare on the market, the interior space leaves an abundance of room for the ultimate in creativity. With more than six million parts going into these jets, Boeing is only able to produce two per month.


Several ingenious options make these jets a true home away from home. One such option here is the Aeroloft, which is a modular product designed specifically for the VIP 747-8 aircraft, providing eight private sleeping berths. In the main cabin with most configurations, up to one hundred people can travel very comfortably up to just over 8,800 nautical miles. Spacious staterooms, full bathrooms and screening rooms are just a few available options when customizing your very own BBJ 747-8. In this case, the sky is the limit!

Taking Flight In Your Own Private Jet

When it comes time to officially take the plunge and purchase (or look at leasing options) in the new year, here are two great jets to consider. However in today’s market, there are numerous jets available today, and always strongly suggest having a professional involved during the entire process since this purchase is a bit more involved than simply picking up the newest car from your local dealer.


“Analysis of the buyer’s flying requirements and plans for customization is essential to acquisition of an aircraft,” says John Cosenza, Senior Advisor at Flight Dept Solutions LLC. “It is essential that buyers engage a professional aircraft consultant to lead the efforts from analysis through acquisition to aircraft operation. Successful completion of all the steps in this process will result in the delivery of an aircraft that meets or exceeds the buyer’s personal requirements.” While leasing is always a great option of convenience with the many methods available worldwide today, having the ability to choose your perfect jet with a fully customized interior that fits your own lifestyle is true luxury.




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