The ultra-luxury cruise line Seabourn has two expedition ships, the Seabourn Venture and its as-yet-unnamed sibling vessel, to take travelers on a new expedition below the seas. Custom-built for the cruise line, each futuristic-looking vessel will carry two U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub 7 submarines to journey nearly 1,000 feet below the surface.

Carrying six guests and one pilot, the battery-powered sub will allow adventurers to see marine wildlife in their natural habitat and explore for sunken wrecks and buried treasure. The design of the ship sees a central pilot station in between two clear acrylic spheres for guests. With views in almost all directions, each sphere has three mounted seats that rotate giving nearly 360-degree views of the sea below

Along with underwater LED floodlights, imaging sonar and an advanced underwater navigation system, the subs will have a six-function manipulator arm, capable of lifting up to approximately 70 pounds. Another unique feature of the ship is its 4K underwater video camera system as well as the internal video recording system. This gives passengers a recording of the beautiful imagery they saw along with their reactions in real-time,

The Seabourn Venture is scheduled to launch in June 2021, with its sibling’s vessel to follow in May 2022.