When I tell people I love wine (and I’m talking serious L-O-V-E here), they often assume I must spend ridiculous amounts of money going through the stuff. After all, isn’t the best wine imported from some incredible isolated region of France, where the grapes are personally picked and squeezed by workers whose hands are insured for millions of dollars so that the juice can be aged for a hundred years in a dark, windowless, sound-proof, perfectly climate-controlled smart-room?

Nah! That stuff is only for snobs and people who have too much money and not enough to spend it on. The truth is, you can find some genuinely excellent, high-quality, tasty adult beverages at any good wine store in Savannah, GA. And you won’t even have to rob a bank to do it.

Yes Way Rose wine

Yes Way Rosé

 You know this one is going to be good before you even taste it. With its stylish, minimalist look and oh-so-Instagrammable pastel pink coloring, Yes Way Rosé is an instant eye-catcher. Its outer simplicity, however, conceals an inner complexity, as its multi-layered taste combines strawberry and citrus notes with a dry, Provençal-style, Mediterranean grape blend.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Merlot wineChateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Merlot

From hip and happening to classical cool, if you prefer your wines with a bit more history behind them, the Columbia Valley Merlot from Chateau Ste. Michelle is for you. The company is one the oldest and most acclaimed wineries in Washington State, and every tiny bit of that experience and expertise shines through this savory, full-bodied, dark red wine.

Vinesmoke Chardonnay wine

Vinesmoke Chardonnay

You don’t have to empty your bank account to enjoy the thrill of exclusivity. Available only through the winery’s website, Vinesmoke Chardonnay is a delectable secret with a deceptively modest price tag. The crisp, subtle, citrusy flavor of this white wine provides just the right amount of acidity to keep things light and lovely.

Layer Cake Wines Pinot Noir 2016

Layer Cake Pinot Noir

Just as tasty as its namesake dessert, Layer Cake Pinot Noir is a light, fruity red wine that comes aged in barrels previously used for the company’s Cherry Pie wine. Appropriately, then, this aromatic concoction boasts a tart cherry taste enhanced by complimentary cranberry and raspberry notes, plus a lingering tannic tingle.

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier wine

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier

A truly unique mixture, the Chenin Blanc + Viognier combo wine from Pine Ridge, dazzles the palate with fresh, vibrant touches of mandarin orange, green apple, honeyed pear, sweet mango, and more. With a bold sweetness you rarely expect from white wine, it’s an ideal selection for a warm summer night when you want something not only refreshing but refreshingly idiosyncratic.