Each company is unique as well as the tastes of participants. However, everyone dreams of having a fun and tasteful holiday. For those who plan to host guests and pamper their taste buds, we have compiled a rating of the best cocktails for Christmas. We specially selected recipes that are easy to make at home. What are they?

The Best Recipes for Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

  1. A banana shake in a blender is a classic that children and adults love. Usually, such a cocktail is made like this: take milk or ice cream as a base, add tropical fruits, and you`re done! The main advantage of this formula is that the ingredients are available all year round. Well, for zest, you can add cinnamon and other spices to the cocktail, which diversify the taste with spiciness. Margaritaville machine will help you to make such a cocktail easily and quickly.
  2. Non-alcoholic mulled wine can be prepared with grape juice. Honey, spices, and citrus fruits will make it not only tasty but also healthy! Put honey, cinnamon sticks, a couple of clove buds, and slices of citrus into the glass. Pour hot grape juice and let the drink brew for 5 minutes.
  1. A fruit smoothie is an essential attribute of today’s healthy lifestyle. The ideal recipe for a fruit cocktail in a blender is a fragrant mixture of your favorite fruits. But there are the most successful combinations, the smoothies from which are considered to be especially delicious and refreshing. For example, kiwi, apple, and tangerine are great for a “winter” vitamin smoothie. You can choose the right blender at an affordable price at jonsguide.org.

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Soft Alcoholic Cocktails

  1. For Christmas punch, you will need 2 pounds of ice cream, 67.6 oz of lemonade, 67.6 oz of orange juice, and two bottles of champagne. Take a large punch bowl and center the ice cream. Then top with orange juice and lemonade. Afterward, add a couple of champagne bottles. Immediately punch is poured into glasses and served to guests.
  1. Great Expectations cocktail has a refreshing taste. For it, grate the zest of grapefruit, pour 2.5 oz of grapefruit juice into the glass, and then fill to the top with champagne. The cocktail is presented with raspberry berries on a skewer and zest shavings.
  1. Rays of Glory is a soft and pleasant cocktail. You will need 1.7 oz of Martini, 2.5 oz of cranberry juice, and 2.5 oz of orange juice. Pour the components into the glass one at a time, and stir with a thin straw until the “red sun” effect is obtained – a gradual transition of the shades of the warm spectrum from one to another. At the end of the process, add an ice cube and garnish with a cherry.
  1. Chocolate Kiss is an unusual cocktail with wine. Cream (3.4 oz), chocolate liquor (3.4 oz), and red wine (1.7 oz) are mixed with the shaker. Pour liquid from a shaker into an ice glass. Thickly decorate it with grated chocolate chips, and serve with a straw.

Whichever beverage you prefer, the main thing to remember is that cocktails for Christmas at home are real, cheap, and fun, and the most challenging thing is to decide on a wide variety of recipes.