Whether you’re a frequent visitor to London or you’re heading there for a special occasion, you don’t have to find yourself walking the tourist trail all the time. Rather, London boasts an altogether unique and luxurious side that will ensure your weekend is one to remember. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Head to Some Unique Independent Shops | In London, you’ll find a plethora of cool stores, shops and markets with everything from designer labels to unique one-off pieces. And no, we’re not talking about Camden Market. As great as it is, it’s a huge tourist attraction – so when you’re looking for a unique weekend, this is best avoided. Instead, you’re better off heading to Brixton where you’ll discover a multicultural market that’s lively and vibrant. Make a day of it by exploring the cafes, cinemas, restaurants and music venues in this area, too.

Dine Out in Style | Of course, there are some top-notch eateries you’ll want to visit. But why not try something a little more unconventional as well? London’s got some truly distinguished restaurants that will add a flair to your evening. For example, there’s the Attendant that pays homage to the building’s original use – a public toilet. Or Soho’s Bubblewrap that’s famous for the delicacy it serves up from Hong Kong. Consisting of a cone filled with ice cream, chocolate, fruit and other delectable items, you’ll see people queueing up for this.

Chic, Boutique Hotels | It goes without saying that if you’re going to make this weekend in London one with a difference, you need to find an equally as exquisite place to stay. Head away from your bog-standard hotel chains and find a hotel that’s going to add to the panache and drama of your stay.

Places like The Urban Retreat Apartments are absolutely fantastic and cater for a wide range of tastes, from those who love a bit of opulent history to those who find sleek, modern spaces incredibly inspiring.

Art Galleries and Museums | You could venture to the Tate Gallery and National History Museum, but that’s where you’ll find everyone else, too. Instead, why not go to the lesser-known places like the Horniman Museum. Found in south London, this is easy to get to and covers a wide range of things including musical instruments, Asian art, taxidermy and natural history. Or for a more central venue, there’s the Welcome Collection. Home to continually evolving collections, it covers a plethora of topics including health and human rights. Find it near the British Library and St. Pancras International Station.

With so much on offer, where will your next trip to London take you?