The future of us and the future of the environment is something that we have to ponder. The big brands that we all consume have also put their own way to create sustainable alternatives to their current products. NIKE has launched a new collection called as “New Happy Pineapple Collection” with the biggest highlight being the fact that it uses PIÑATEX, a sustainable plant-based alternative to leather made using pineapple leaves. NIKE is using this to remove leather components wherever possible.

Nike Piñatex

The special PIÑATEX material is highly sustainable with 95% renewable resources and enhanced material performance with NIKE being one of the first brands to use it. PIÑATEX is actually made by London-based B-Corp, ANANAS ANAM, where it is an alternative to commercially available leather. In its partnership with NIKE, PIÑATEX has increased the use of plant-based componentry.

Women S Air Max 90 Pineapple

The new collection has seven sneaker editions across five styles; the Free Run Trail Premium, the Air Max 90, the Air Max 95, Air Force One, and the Air-Zoom Type. The designs in this collection are unique while having interesting hues depicting the environmental sustainability ethos with some style and fun. You can also see the embroidered pineapple graphic on the tongue.

Nike Air Force 1 Piñatex

This has accelerated the use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable and even various major brands are using vegan leather. The Air Force 1’s are an icon in the NIKE range while this new range of Air Max 95’s pays homage to a summertime staple: pineapple. The look is highlighted by shades of Coconut Milk and Apricot Agate. The design features hit the Piñatex foil of course and textured pineapple leather, materials are all made from the by-product of pineapple harvests!