Between personalized exercise programs or exclusive, eco-friendly wellness retreats, there are so many ways to improve your wellbeing mentally and physically.

We take a look at the top five luxury health and wellness trends that you might want to try out:

Wellness retreats

The popularity of wellness retreats continues to rise, with people looking to travel further afield for experiences and treatments to transform and detox their body and mind. As more of us find ourselves living and working in urban areas, there’s a trend towards reconnecting with nature and escaping busy lives.

Retreats around the world are offering everything from holistic treatments, yoga, and meditation, to wellness programs designed to improve sleep, fitness and relieve stress. And more often than not, retreats are eco-friendly, trying to reduce their environmental impact at the same time as improving wellness.

Home workouts and fitness classes

With easy access to streaming services, online instructor-led classes, and interactive workouts – there’s no excuse not to fit a home workout into your daily routine.

And these classes involve far more than a few lunges in your living room. You can invest in professional gym equipment like indoor bikes to join virtual spin classes, hire personal trainers for remote sessions, and join exclusive fitness programs designed to deliver an effective workout within your home.

More traditional fitness classes are also changing alongside a rise in boutique fitness studios. Some classes focus on working out in pairs to build friendships or use the latest high tech gym equipment. And, for something a bit more extreme, there are Extinction Training classes.

Investing in a coach

Sometimes you need a little help and guidance when it comes to your wellbeing, and it can be worthwhile turning to a coach for this outside support. Whether it’s to achieve a specific personal or professional goal, or more general guidance, breakthrough coaching is one such coaching method that offers a way to transforming and improving your life. Working with a coach often provides accountability, resources, and reassurance to keep you on track.


This health and wellness trend covers a broad range of things, but it all comes down to the idea of altering your body to improve your physical and cognitive performance. It’s completely personalized to each individual and can start by looking at genetic, blood, and allergy testing.

While some simple biohacking tricks can be tried at home, the treatments offered at exclusive biohacking clinics include electric muscle stimulation training and light therapy Nicotinamide Mononucleotide to stem cell injections.

Bespoke fitness and nutrition

A little less futuristic but still innovative is the trend towards personalized health and fitness programs. Many places will now offer DNA and blood testing, as well as analyzing your body type and other fitness considerations to create a nutrition and exercise plan that’s designed exclusively for you. And regular multivitamins are being superseded by the rise of bespoke supplements based on thorough consultations and testing.

If you’re looking for new ways to improve your health and wellness, with cutting edge technology and professional help, these luxury trends are a good starting point.