Creating Memories of a lifetime

A carefree getaway experience that is both personalized and luxurious, with all the comforts of a home away from home, can be yours through The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club. As a member, possibilities and flexibility come together to create vacations  we all dream about.

The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club features 10 Club locations, as well as access to 17 prestigious affiliated residences and more than 70 Ritz-Carlton hotels – more choices than any other luxury destination club. Each is carefully selected to provide a stunning backdrop to your getaway, whether it’s a summer family adventure, a romantic wintertime escape or a fun vacation with friends in the fall.

The Destination Club experience is all about your choices, surrounded by all the amenities of a posh luxury home as well as in-residence services. Thanks to your own Member Experience Manager, your needs and wishes are fulfilled prior to arrival so your time is spent fully enjoying your Club Residence and surroundings – and creating memories of a lifetime.

Upon arrival, your prearranged transportation whisks you off to your beautifully appointed Club Residence, which features all the amenities of a luxury private home, including a fully equipped designer kitchen. Let your Member Experience Manager know that on a particular evening you’d like a private chef to come to your residence and prepare a gourmet dinner for two – perhaps to be enjoyed on your own balcony overlooking the turquoise waters of Kapalua. Or that you’d like theater tickets to a buzzed-about show and dinner reservations at a famous restaurant during your stay in San Francisco. In St. Thomas, have him organize a private snorkeling excursion and romantic sunset sail aboard the Lady Lynsey. O r maybe you’ve chosen a larger residence in Vail and invited friends and extended family members to hike or ski their days away, explore nearby boutique sand practice their golf swing.

Just choose your location and Club Residence size, then your Member Experience Manager will follow up with you to find out what you’d like to experience during your stay.

Your concierge will take care of the minutiae so you and your loved ones are free to play and relax in your destination of choice. Extraordinary vacations with loved ones can be effortlessly yours, year after year.