The United States is not only a great place to live but also a great place to go on vacation. The country is so vast that there is always bound to be somewhere new to see or a new state to experience. The other great thing about vacationing around America is that most places have so much to do. Whether it is backing your favorite team in Pennsylvania with FoxBet sports betting or finding cool bars or cafés to eat at, you will always have a great break.

For those travelers who like the finer things in life, though, it is vital to find places that provide an air of luxury while still having plenty to do. If you need a hand in finding the best US cities that mix glamour and excitement, then the below should help.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

When it comes to glamour and glitz, nowhere in the US does it quite like Vegas. This bustling city is found in the state of Nevada and has been a popular getaway with people from all over the world for a long time now. When you begin to dig deeper into what Vegas offers the discerning traveler, it is clear why. The hotels here are some of the most exclusive and luxurious around. From the desert-view rooms that the Four Seasons offers to the exquisite décor of The Venetian or the tech found in rooms provided by Aria, there are lots of choices here. Of course, Vegas is also famous for the many expensive casinos, the high-end cuisine, and the fabulous shows. One thing is for sure – a trip here will not disappoint.

Miami Beach


Found in the state of Florida, Miami is a lively city that combines Latin heat with an air of true glamour and decadence. As with Vegas, it is a city that is ideal for those who like to have lots to do when they go away but also like things to be a bit more upscale. The hotels here certainly hit the mark, and examples such as the Mandarin Oriental have true five-star class. Days spent relaxing and people-watching on South Beach are not wasted. The shopping in Miami is also remarkable, with many of the world’s leading luxury brands having stores there. Some cool bars offer refined cocktails to sip as you enjoy the warm night breeze before heading home to bed.

Jackson Square New Orleans
Jackson Square New Orleans

New Orleans

Something is mesmerizing and charming about this Louisiana city, which is a magnet for travelers. Maybe it is the rich history it boasts or the mix of cultures to explore – a voodoo tour, for example, will give you something unique to experience. Of course, this lively city is famous for its music scene, and there are some great bars where you can see authentic jazz or blues. There is also some boutique shopping to be enjoyed in New Orleans if you head down to the Magazine Street area. The charming stores you find here will give you some stylish and distinctive souvenirs to take back home. Although it is a busy city with lots to do, it still retains an air of sophistication thanks to the beautiful architecture in the French Quarter and other parts of the city.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA at Waterfront Park.
Charleston, South Carolina, the USA at Waterfront Park.


This is a city that boasts an exclusive feel and a refined sense of luxury. Found in South Carolina, it has an almost old-world feel that hits you as soon as you wander its history-filled streets. It is also a coastal city, which means that the dining here is superb. Fresh seafood is the order of the day, and some fabulous restaurants serve it. The city also has a thriving art and music scene, which means that you will always have something a little more upmarket to do than merely going out for a drink. When you want to truly take in the majesty that Charleston offers, a romantic stroll through Waterfront Park is ideal.

Luxury, sophistication, and excitement can be found

Many people wrongly think that lively cities cannot also offer luxury to travelers. As the above shows, this is just not true, as long as you are careful about where you go. Being able to indulge in the best hotels, the finest shopping, and the most exclusive cuisine can go hand in hand with staying somewhere that has plenty of life. If you like to live upscale, then any of the US cities that we have looked at will make for a great break.