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Marissa Collections

Loafer-makers Baudoin & Lange are single-handedly changing the luxury footwear game

The unique collaboration of a former computer specialist and Apple alumni, and a former racing driver turned financier – Allan Baudoin and Bo van Langeveld launched the luxury loafer brand in the...

Famous Fashion Icons Get Set for the First World Fashion Awards!

With September’s much-anticipated London Fashion Week (LFW) upon us, the crème de la crème of designers, fashion royalty, style icons, and supermodels are getting set to showcase their very finest attire and...

11 Globally Renowned Luxury Spa Retreats in the World

As an intercontinental jetsetter in pursuit of the superb transnational spa experiences, you’re sure to desire the finest of exotic escapes. Unique and exclusive services, provided by some of the world’s best...
Marissa Collections
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