Komodo is the King of Peking Duck

Miami’s stylish tri-level Southeast Asian hotspot, Komodo, takes Peking Duck to the next level where, amongst other things, celebrities take selfies with the whole roasted duck dangling from their hand.  Komodo, the first restaurant of Miami nightlife mogul, David Grutman opened in Brickell’s financial district a little over two years ago to enormous success.  Grutman channeled the same energy and expertise that garnered him the title of one of the world’s leading nightlife entrepreneurs when creating the upscale, tri-level 17,000 square-foot restaurant focusing on the cuisine of Southeast Asia with a distinct South Florida flair.  

Komodo Restaurant“From nightlife to restaurants, I know how to provide the ultimate guest experience. Since opening its doors, Komodo has become a must-visit restaurant for Miami’s tourists and locals alike. Its immense success is a true testament to our teams’ hard work and ability to create a vibe that people crave,” says Grutman.

The restaurant, whose name was inspired by the Komodo Dragon, dazzles diners with signature sushi, dumplings, and main plates, but it is their Peking Duck, considered to be the house specialty, is what takes center stage most nights, and particularly on January 18th, which marks National Peking Duck Day.

Komodo Pekin Duck

“Komodo’s Peking Duck stands out from other restaurants for a few reasons: first of all, Komodo takes it Peking Duck so seriously that the ducks have their own prep room! Secondly, the process of making Komodo’s duck takes over 24 hours. And lastly, coming to Komodo is an experience: it’s fun, exciting and flavorful, and that is what we strive to portray in our food,” the restaurant’s in-house Peking Duck expert explains.

The dish, which originated in Beijing, consists of thin pieces of tender, roasted duck meat and crispy skin wrapped in a thin crepe then served along with sliced spring onions, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce or sweet bean sauce.  Although Komodo’s recipe is a well-guarded secret, they were kind enough to impart with a few tips that have led to their resounding success.

Komodo Duck room

“First of all, the duck is cured with salt, Chinese Five Spice and star anise for 6 to 8 hours. Then, it’s blanched in red and black vinegar, giving it flavor and color. Next, we air dry the duck for 12 to 24 hours, then we roast the duck in our special duck oven.”

Celebrities at Komodo Restaurant with duck pekin
The result is succulent meat accompanied by an extra crispy thin skin. Chefs and celebrities alike have taken notice, making the fun restaurant a regular stop for A-listers when in the Magic City. However, if you’ve yet to walk the red carpet you need not worry, the experience is just as delightful.

“It’s always exciting to see who will walk through the door next. A night out at Komodo can make anyone feel like a celebrity.”







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