When drinking your cocktail of choice, you might not be thinking about where it came from or how it affects the environment. But the green movement has impacted industries across different sectors, and especially spirits production. Distilleries all over the globe have started adopting eco-friendly systems to reduce their environmental impact and benefit their communities.

Inspired by the majestic Fairmont Empress Hotel and its incomparable afternoon tea service, Empress 1908 Gin is a micro-distilled gin that uses eight natural botanicals, including the butterfly pea blossom which imparts an all-natural indigo hue. It is crafted artisanally with an intense boldness of spirit that seeks to inspire. This premium gin is the essence of Canada’s Victoria Distillers, a heartening role model for sustainability. Empress 1908 Gin manufacturers use innovative technology to reduce their environmental footprint.

For more than 10 years, Victoria Distillers have been creating the finest handmade spirits in British Columbia and in 2016 they opened up a larger facility. The new location maximizes the opportunity to get involved in environmental sustainability. Sustainability has become crucial for businesses, with good reason. It has also become a cornerstone priority for distilleries worldwide. In the making of spirits, spent grains, wastewater and energy are just some of the byproducts of the production.

Empress Gin distillery

All distilleries need cold water in order to condense the alcohol of the distillation. This usually ends up with an excess of hot water dumped down the drain. Looking to make a difference and fight the excessive use of energy that comes with their work, Victoria Distillers runs on a unique ocean-based geothermal energy system for cooling during distillation. This system allows them to reuse the hot water they produce as a source of heat for the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa next door for most of the year. Instead of wasting the water, this distiller’s geothermal system saves the Victoria island three million liters of water a year. They have even been praised for their social responsibility with the Gold for the Vancouver Island Green Business award

In the last years, corporate and social responsibility has been an important topic of conversation for both businesses and their clients. People’s education on the subject has been increasing, making everyone more aware of the measures they should be taking to help nature, pushing the public to be more intrigued by the origin of the products they consume.

Victoria Distillers takes pride in preserving their island through an impressive commitment to green technology. The next time you drink Empress 1908 Gin, you will not only be enjoying a high-quality gin, but you can also be aware that its production was environmentally responsible. Surely, more and more distilleries will be joining this movement every year, allowing us to savor our favorite drinks while decreasing our ecological footprint.