For unparalleled luxury, unrivaled extravagance, and the ultimate in gin-upmanship, this Christmas and  New Year, your drinks cabinet must showcase the work of  British master distiller, William Lowe.

He produces some of the world’s most expensive and innovative gins. His Cambridge Distillery in Grantchester makes “Truffle Gin” ($107), the world’s first digestif gin, “Anty Gin” ($294), and Japanese-inspired “Watenski Gin “which will set you back $,2671 for one bottle.


It was made in collaboration with the Nordic Food Lab, “Anty” very first Gin in the world to be made from insects. Each bottle contains the essence of approximately 62 red wood ants, along with hand-foraged botanicals including juniper, wildwood avens ( geums, members of the rose family), and nettle that complement the sharp citrus notes created by distilling the ants.

Truffle Gin


Every bottle of is labeled by hand on our Distillery’s 1924 typewriter and a 5cl dropper bottle of pure ant distillate is also included to allow you to experience the unique flavor of the Formica rufa in isolation.

Watenshi is the so-called “angel’s share” of Japanese Gin, typically lost in evaporation. Only six bottles are produced in each batch: presented in a hand-blown decanter bottle and finished with silver elements by a jeweler whose other clients include Chanel, Tom Ford, and De Beers.